How To Build An Electric Longboard Skateboard

DIY-Electric-Skateboard-300x174DIY Electric Skateboard Kit

Welcome to Helping you build an electric skateboard with our durable and reliable DIY Electric Skateboard Kit and Instructions. We offer Pre-Welded Electric Longboard Kit Trucks which help you mount an RC motor to your Electric Skateboard. We specifically needed a real DURABLE and RELIABLE motor mount that would survive the absurd amount of potholes and uneven pavement of the uphill and downhill terrain in San Francisco, CA. What would be stronger than an actual welded motor mount on a pair of longboard trucks? We sell the Mechnical Parts needed to build your own Electric Longboard. We will be releasing How To Build An Electric Longboard videos step-by-step. If you have any questions send us an email!

Electric Skateboard Kit


Reach Speeds Up To 20-45+mph | Range of 8-15 Miles on a Single Charge
Electronic Brakes |  Ability To Swap Batteries
Climb 20%+ Hills | Wireless Wii Nunchuck Remote

No Skateboarding/Longboarding Experience Needed! Easier To Ride!

IN STOCK! Electric Longboard Kit – Ships Next Day!

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  1. Checkout our past customers Electric Longboard Builds to gain some inspiration for your own build! Use any longboard deck!
  2. Checkout our eBook and buy our How To Build An Electric Skateboard Guide. Learn start to finish, step by step on how to build your first electric longboard.
  3. Checkout our Pre-Welded Electric Longboard Trucks and/or Electric Longboard Motor Mounts.

Our Electric Longboard Trucks!

Our Featured Products

Need help building an electric skateboard? Feel free to send us an email and we are more then happy to help you build your electric skateboard or electric longboard from start to finish. We offer pre-welded motor mount solutions for an Electric Longboard which you can put on any longboard or skateboard deck. Our pre-welded motor mounts allow you to fit a common Remote Control (RC) Car Motor onto your skateboard/longboard trucks which will be powered by a belt drive from the motor shaft to the drive wheel with an attached pulley belt. That’s mainly the hardest part of building your own electric skateboard.

We have struggled and learned from all our mistakes which make us qualified to help beginner’s create their first Electric Longboard Build. If you are an experienced builder, you can simply use our pre-welded electric longboard trucks and customize your build with your imagination. We do our best to provide instructional electric skateboard videos, electric skateboard wiring diagrams and photos of other builds that help inspire you to create your own customized electric longboards.

Our durable and reliable Electric Skateboard Kits allow you to customize and build your own personal electric longboard with ease.

  • Easy and simple installation. Bolt on your longboard trucks with the pre-welded motor mounts for single or dual motors and done! No need to bolt on any motor mounts to your trucks.
  • Most durable and reliable pre-welded motor mounts available! No need to check your electric skateboard every block to tighten motor mount bolts and/or use loctite on bolts.
  • Choose a single or dual pre-welded motor mount setup. Single motors can reach 23+mph and high voltage dual motor setups can reach 35-45+mph.
  • Cruise and Enjoy an Electric Longboard. With a range of 6 to 20 miles per charge (depends on your battery setup, which we can help you with).

A complete electric skateboard is capable of 20mph to 45+ mph, a range of 6 miles to 20+ miles per charge with the ability to climb 20-30% hill inclines (depending on build setup). Best of all, these electric longboards have braking abilities through a handheld RC controller which is one of the most amazing aspects of having an electric skateboard.

Currently, we have recently started offering Motor Mounts that you can weld onto 180/195mm Paris Style Trucks. From our previous customers and interested buyers. We noticed many of our customers are looking for a pre-welded motor mount solution. I’m proud to now announce that we will start having pre-welded single and dual motor mount kits available for purchase.

16 thoughts on “How To Build An Electric Longboard Skateboard

    1. Post author

      We use either 63mm Brushless RC motors or 50mm Brushless RC motors. If you are trying to reach higher speed and don’t care too much about weight the 63mm Brushless RC motors are recommended. If you are looking for an electric skateboard that goes about 20mph and want it as lightweight as possible the 50mm Brushless RC motors are best with a 6S Battery setup.

    1. admin Post author

      How much watts the battery gives depends on the voltage of the battery that you are using. I recommend 6S batteries usually (2) 3S 5000mah batteries as they are much cheaper and provide just enough power to climb hills and reach 20-24mph.

    1. Post author

      Hi Seamus,

      I am using HTD 5mm pitch for my pulley system and it is working great. I’m at about 800+ miles on my eboard.

  1. Austin

    Hey there! I’ve been interested in these stuffs. When I buy them, does it include the belt and the pulley?

  2. ChanYoo

    i’ve got few questions

    1. does the kit have pully,and belts? and the Front wheel truck?

    2. what does it have “•Electric Longboard Kit – Single Motor – $250 + S/H – Full Mechanical Kit”

    1. Post author

      Each kit comes with the entire mechanical kit which includes 180mm Paris clone trucks w/ welded motor mount, drive train setup (motor pulley, drive wheel pulley, pulley belt) and a pair of 83mm ABEC 11 Flywheel clones in neon green.

      I also sell the following ESC speed controllers. They each have ABS Braking and Regenerative Braking when you use brakes. They are programmable through USB.
      Single 8S 120Amp ESC – $120
      Dual 8S 120Amp ESC – $240
      Dual 12S 150Amp ESC – $300

      Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

        1. Post author

          Hi John,

          I have the flatter ESC’s available currently. Shoot me an email if you have any questions.

  3. Mr.Cho

    I say hello Joe.
    Cage that you want to hear, when you buy goods, you can either give a receipt?
    Are you able to in a few days if the goods purchased? Here’s South Korea.
    thank you.

    1. Post author

      Hi Mr. Cho,

      Yes, We accept payment via PayPal in which you can print out a transaction order and/or you can print your order through our website here.

      We normally ship within next day if we have the items in stock. The complete kits are currently pre-orders and we don’t have all the parts in stock just yet.

  4. Caelan Hunter

    Hey, quick questions. If I were to buy the dual weld kit, does it include the power supply or is it just the motor?

    1. Post author

      Hi Caelan, The dual kit includes everything except the batteries and battery/charger.


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