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DIYElectricSkateboard.com is your ultimate source for high quality and high performance electric skateboard parts. We carry a wide selection of electric skateboard motor mounts, electric skateboard motors, electric skateboard hub motors, electric skateboard mechanical kits, electric skateboard kits, electric skateboard remotes, electric skateboard batteries and much much more.

We a small internet-based e-commerce business located near San Francisco, CA. We’ve been selling our electric skateboard kits and parts since 2003. We started as a part-time hobby but continued to grow our selection of parts to become one of the largest electric skateboard parts retailers in the United States.

Our goal is to provide high quality electric skateboard parts to our customers at the most lowest prices possible. We value our customers and aim to provide the best customer support for your customized product.

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  • Soumik

    Do you make custom kits for folks? I’m highly interested in purchasing your parts and have heard great things (referred by new customer Daniel Catzva), but was hoping to bring the cost down by eliminating some of the parts I already own.

    This is the kit I want to buy:

    And these are the components I would NOT require:
    – (4) 83mm ABEC Flywheel Clones
    – Pre-made Electrical Connectors – $65
    – Electronics Enclosure – $55
    – Wireless Nunchuck Kit – $65

    Some of the components I already own would make a big difference in the overall price, so I wanted to see if you were able to put together custom packages for customers?

    I also wanted to make sure this motor/ESC combo would allow me to tweak the settings and start from a stop? I’ve read some forum threads where users have said a “sensored” motor is required for that, whereas others have not said that. I wanted to get your thoughts and then hopefully place my order!

    Thank you!

    • DIYElectricSkateboard.com

      Hi Soumik, I’ve sent you an email but yes. We are offering custom kits + custom complete boards which we will be working on very soon.


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