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Caden’s Build

wow does it fly now, I hit 34 mph on a local road Haha.

Ben’s Electric Skateboard

Tim’s ThreeSix Downhill Electric Longboard

Asaf’s DIY Electric Skateboard

Everett’s Single Motor Longboard

Checkout Everett’s post here –

Electric Skateboa

hi5ber Carbon Fiber Incisor Build

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Karl’s Electric Longboard 12S

diy electric skateboard

CDN Electric Longboard

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Gatwod’s Electric Longboard

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Nick’s Electric Longboard Controlled With A Smartphone

Checkout Nick’s awesome smartphone controlled build.

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l3thaltank Dual Motor Bolt On v1

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Vulthor Dual Motor Bolt On v1

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sl33py’s Dual Motor Bolt On v1

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Brandon’s Electrified Dual Diagonal

Electric Longboard Electric Skateboard Kit


Earthwing Hoopty Electric Skateboard

Earthwing Hoopty Electric Skateboard 2 Earthwing Hoopty Electric Skateboard

Electric Landyachtz Ripple Ridge Longboard

Electric Landyachtz Ripple Ridge 4 Electric Landyachtz Ripple Ridge 3 Electric Landyachtz Ripple Ridge 2 Electric Landyachtz Ripple Ridge 1

6″ Pneumatic Electric Longboard

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Hellaslow Electric Longboard

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Bolt Single Motor Electric Longboard

Bolt Single Motor Electric Longboard 1 Bolt Single Motor Electric Longboard

Bustin Electric Longboard

DIY Bustin Electric Longboard 2 DIY Bustin Electric Longboard 1 DIY Bustin Electric Longboard

31″ Freebord Electric Longboard Deck

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Deck: 31″ Freebord Deck
Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 6364-245kv
Battery: Turnigy nanotech 4000 mah 6S (x2)
ESC: Castle Creations Mamba Monster 2 (My first ESC had a little “incident”)
Trucks/Mount: Mount offered by
Battery Housing: Serpac A42 ABS (x2)

Speed: 20-22 mph
Distance: 8-10+ (still doing testing)
Weight: 12.5 – 13 lbs.

35″ Jet Dual Rear Electric Skateboard

35 Jet Dual Rear Electric Skateboard

Single Motor Electric Longboard Kicktail

Single Motor Electric Longboard Kicktail Single Motor Electric Longboard Kicktail 2

Restless Electric Longboard

Dual Motor Electric Skateboard 2  Dual Motor Electric Skateboard

Dan’s Single Motor Electric Longboard Pintail – 4/30/15

Hey Dexter,

Thought I would send you the pics of the completed build and thank you for the help getting it built. Couldn’t have done it without your quality parts and help. Thanks again.


Single Motor Electric Longboard Pintail Custom Single Motor Electric Longboard Pintail

Al – Washington, USA – 3/23/15

Hey Dexter, I wanted to thank-you for including the belts with those two pulleys. The 20t pulley has worked great since I made flat spots on the motor shaft for the set screws. I’m already tinkering with the idea for my second build. I’ll likely be ordering more stuff from you. Great web site, great products and great service.

Thanks again Al

 New Motor Pulleys and Motors come with Keyway slots and Keyways for added Torque pull. 

Dual Motor Electric Longboard

Benjamin Single Motor Electric Longboard

Aaron’s Dual Diagonal Motor Electric Longboard Setup

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Jasons’ Single Motor Electric Longboard Setup


Heon-wook’s Single Motor Electric Longboard Setup

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Justin’s Dual Rear Motor Electric Longboard Setup

Justin’s goals were to hit 40mph+!




justin-dual-motor-rear-wheel-electric-longboard-5 justin-dual-motor-rear-wheel-electric-longboard-6

Josh’s Single Motor Electric Longboard Setup




Adam’s Single Motor Electric Longboard Setup


adam-single-motor-electric-longboard-1 adam-single-motor-electric-longboard-3adam-single-motor-electric-longboard-2


Michael’s Single Motor Electric Longboard Setup


michael-single-motor-electric-longboard-4 michael-single-motor-electric-longboard-3 michael-single-motor-electric-longboard-2 michael-single-motor-electric-longboard-1

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