DIY Electric Longboard

Save yourself your precious time, money and effort and get a 100% step-by-step guide on how to install and create your own electric skateboard or electric longboard.

Are you interested in creating a DIY Electric Skateboard? We also like to call them DIY Electric Longboard but your everyday person will call them an Electric Skateboard. You have probably navigated to my website because you have a keen interest on learning how to create your own electric skateboard.


You aren’t purchasing just an eBook, you get my help and support as well FREE! I enjoy this hobby so much that I want to personally help others get their electric skateboard up and running. I am also working on a DIY Electric Longboard Videos Guide which will cost $69 for the eBook + Videos. If you purchase the eBook Today! You will receive the eBook + Videos at no extra cost. This means you will get the DIY Electric Longboard Videos FREE once it’s released! It’s a great deal and no brainier. This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER ONLY!

Your in luck because I’ve gone this route and know exactly how to create an electric skateboard and I can show you exactly how with no prior electrical experience and/or technical experience required. Of course, you will have to learn a bit and practice makes perfect but I will give you all the skills, training, tutorials that you will need to learn how to build your own electric skateboard. The issue with trying to learn everything on your own by researching on the internet is the fact you will spend countless hours sifting through all the information and trying to pinpoint the “real information” to believe in and what not to believe in. Not only that, you think you’ve got a grasp of how everything works to find out that you don’t have all the parts which you needed but didn’t know you needed to get. Or you may have a hundred different questions that you are missing to understand the full picture. A common issue is that you will end up purchasing products or parts which you did not need to purchase in the first place.

I could of saved well over $300 to $400 dollars if I knew what I was doing before hand and had a checklist of the items that I needed to complete my DIY Electric Skateboard build.

Don’t waste your money on an overpriced $1,200 to $1,500 kickstarter electric longboard/skateboard that only goes a measly 6 miles and can only climb 10-15% degree inclines.

Buy my $30 DIY Electric Skateboard Guide and receive double the fun & product. Get the satisfaction of creating an electric longboard with double the power, double the range and enjoy creating your own and learning how it’s done in the process.

  • 12-18 miles range
  • 3 hour charge time
  • ABS braking system
  • Power Regen system
  • Amazing Hill Climbing Ability! Climb 15-35+% hills with ease and shock people staring in amazement on how you can climb such step hills on a skateboard!
  • Build your new electric skateboard with off-the-shelf parts and products that are readily available to purchase.

Want a DIY Electric Skateboard Kit?

You need no technical experience needed to create a Electric Skateboard. We can provide you with all the necessary experience and a list of parts and tools in which you will need.

Have More Questions?

Do you have more questions that need answers? Simply, send me an email and I would be happy to help!


DISCLAIMER : This DIY Electric Skateboard/Longboard Guide is used for Educational Purposes ONLY! Not recommended for children under 21 years of age. Use this knowledge at your own risk! We are not liable for anything that may happen from you reading the DIY Electric Skateboard Guide. Due your due diligence before and after reading our guide and make sure you are positive about what you are doing. Once again this is eBook is for Educational Purposes ONLY!

By purchasing our eBook or our products, you agree to our disclaimer. You assume all risk due to your own actions. Customer voluntarily assumes all risks, known and unknown, of any injury, however caused, even if caused in whole or in part by the action, inaction, or negligence of any party, to the full extent allowed by California law.

For more information, please read Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions.

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