36T KEGEL Pulley Combo Kit


  • Drive Wheel Pulley
    • 36T HTD5 Pulley (Black Anodized)
    • 12mm Wide Pulley
    • Includes Bolts + Kegel Retainer.
  • Motor Pulley
    • 13T HTD5 12mm Motor Pulley (More Torque – Can be used with 10S/12S)
    • 16T HTD5 12mm Motor Pulley (Recommended – Higher Top Speed)
  • Belt
    • 255mm HTD5 12mm Belt
    • 265mm HTD5 12mm Belt (Recommended – Standard belt size for our motor mounts)
    • 280mm HTD5 12mm Belt
  • (NOT INCLUDED) 80mm Kegel Wheel
Motor Pulley

13T Motor Pulley, 16T Motor Pulley

Belt Size

265mm 12mm Wide


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