Semi Complete 5300w Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Kit


Image is incorrect. This setup is for a 4400W setup. Will re-create the image once the new motors and esc’s arrive.

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Semi Complete Dual Motor 5300w Electric Longboard Kit

This is a semi-complete 5300w Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Kit that includes the Dual Motor Mechanical Kit and the Dual Motor Electrical Kit as well as all the necessary components to create your electric longboard skateboard.

The estimated speed and range is listed below depending on the battery pack which you choose.

  • 6S 5000maH LiPo Battery: 5-7 miles, 22mph
  • 10S 5000maH LiPo Battery: 8-12 miles, 25mph
  • 12S 5000maH LiPo Battery – 12-15+ miles, 30+mph

Dual Motor Electric Longboard Kit includes:

  • Complete Dual Diagonal Motor Electric Longboard Mechanical Kit – $325
    • (1 set / 2 pcs) 180mm TorqueBoards Trucks (BLACK) – Set is a pair / 2 trucks.
    • (2 sets) v4 Bolt On Motor Mount – comes in Black and Blue. Select below.
    • (1 set / 4 pcs) 83mm ABEC Flywheel Style Wheels – comes in multiple colors. Select below.
    • (2 pc) 36T 12mm HTD5 Drive Wheel Pulley for 83mm ABEC Style Wheels
    • (2 pc) 16T or 18T Motor Pulley 12mm HTD5
    • (2 pc) 255mm Pulley Belt 12mm HTD5
    • (2 set / 4 pcs) M4 Bolts for RC Motor
    • (1 set / 8 pcs) Bearings
    • (1 set / 4 pcs) Spacers
    • (1 set / 8 pcs) Deck Hardware
  • 6S Voltage Setup = Dual Motor 5300W Electrical Skateboard Electrical Kit – $335.00
  • 12S Voltage Setup = Dual Motor 2200W Electrical Skateboard Kit – $483.95
  • Pre-made Electrical Connectors – $85
  • Electronics Enclosure – $55
  • TorqueBoards 2.4Ghz Mini Remote  – $60

TOTAL = $774.00 USD for 6S Voltage (Original $860)

TOTAL = $908.05 USD for 12S Voltage (Original $1,008.95)

Additional Required Components:

You will require the following components to complete your build with the 1500W Single Motor Electric Longboard Kit.

  1. Batteries
  2. Battery Charger
  3. Longboard Deck


Please read our post on Recommended LiPo Battery Setups for more details. In short, I would recommend the following LiPo Battery Packs. You will need (2) batteries of either listed below and wiring them in series would make them a 6S or 8S LiPo battery pack.

Battery Charger

Checkout our post for Recommended Battery Charger Setups.

Longboard Deck

I personally prefer decks that are 32″ to 36″ in length with a kicktail for commuting purposes. I find to be a pretty decent store.


Any typical skateboard bearings should work. I prefer skateboard bearings with built in spacers. Less parts to deal with.

Battery Voltage

Max Voltage 6S 22.2V, Max Voltage 12S 44.4V

83mm Wheel Color

83mm Clear Blue, 83mm Yellow, 83mm Neon Green, 83mm White, 83mm Neon Orange, 83mm Lime


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