TORQUE Trampa Dual Motor Mount Kit

$479.99 $399.99

The TORQUE Trampa Dual Motor Mount Kit is your durable, reliable Mountain Board Motor Mount made in Mil-Spec 7075 Aluminum. Attach it to your Trampa Boards Mountain Board to convert it into an electric beast.


Included In Kit

  • (2) TORQUEBOARDS Trampa MTB Motor Mounts for 63mm Motors
  • (3) TORQUEBOARDS Trampa MTB Mount Bracket
  • (1) TORQUEBOARDS Trampa MTB Support Bar
  • (2) 12T 20mm Motor Pulley
  • (2) 72T 20mm Drive Wheel Pulley (Trampa Hypa/Superstar)
  • (2) 450mm 20mm wide HTD5 Pulley Belt

What’s Next

  • Pair it with our (2) 6374 190KV Motors
  • Pair it with either (2) 12S TorqueBoards ESC or (2) VESC
  • Purchase a waterproof enclosure.
  • Purchase either 2x6S batteries or more.

Any questions.. Let us know!


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