TorqueBoards 12S 120A Car ESC OPTO HV


The TorqueBoards 12S 120A ESC is designed for high voltage up to 12S LiPo.

Unsensored 12S 120A ESC. This is not the sensored version.

We have carefully selected a much more efficient and effective ESC to be used for your DIY Electric Skateboard.

  • The ESC comes with 5.5mm Gold Bullet Connectors ends for the discharge wires.
  • The (3) motor wires come with 5.5mm gold bullet connectors – female.
  • A UBEC, SBEC is required and not included.
    • If a UBEC is purchased one of the 12S ESC’s will include an SBEC for your ESC.

If you have any questions, please contact us through live chat and/or send us an email.

Select Your ESC Quantity:

  • Single 12S ESC – Select Quantity (1) One.
  • Dual 12S ESC – Select Quantity (2) Two.
    • Included – Y Connectors for Battery Wires / ESC Signal Wire
    • Included – Ferrite Rings for ESC Signal Wire

Read more technical specs below.


Technical Specifications

  • Continuous Current – 120A
  • Burst Current – 1080A up to 10 seconds
  • Input Voltage – 5-12 cells Lithium Battery or 15-36 cells NiMH Battery
  • BEC – No, you will need a separate BEC aka UBEC, SBEC, etc.
  • Refresh rate of throttle signal – 50Hz to 432Hz
  • Size – 92mm L x 55mm W x 15mm H
  • Weight – 133g


  • High performance micro processor, best compatibility for all BLDC motors and highest driving efficiency.
  • Anti-spark circuit eliminates spark on battery connection.
  • Three types of start up options – Normal, Soft and Very Soft.
  • Smooth, linear, quick and precise throttle response.
  • Multiple protection features such as low voltage cut off protection, over-heat protection and throttle signal loss protection.
  • The throttle signal is transferred through optical and an electrical coupled system to avoid electro-magnetic interference.
  • Wide-opened heatsink design to provide the most heat dissipation.
  • Easily programmable through the LCD Programmable Card. Ability to change ESC settings on the fly.

Additional Details

  • Does not include an on/off switch like similar low voltage ESCs for your safety. Use our 14S High Voltage On/Off Switch to power on your electric skateboard setup safely without failure. No need to disconnect batteries overnight.
  • Dual Motor ESC can be created with two single escs. Less chance of failure and Y connectors are included if two (single 12S ESCs) are purchased.
  • Cut Off Voltage feature is designed by total voltage / 4.2v LiPo = X cells. Please make sure to use a full or close to full battery pack with 3.4v cut off.

Need additional help? Please feel free to email us an we’ll do the best to help you get up and running.


Single 12S 120A Unsensored ESC, Dual 12S 120A Unsensored ESC


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