DIY Electric Skateboard Kits

Make your own customized Electric Skateboard utilizing our Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit, Electric Skateboard Mechanical Kits and Electric Skateboard Electrical Kits. Our kits are tried and tested to be the most durable, reliable DIY Electric Skateboard Kits you can find on the market.

  • Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit – Full electric skateboard conversion kit which includes all parts needed to build a DIY Electric Skateboard. Simply pair it with one of our recommended electric skateboard decks.
  • Semi Complete Kits – Semi Complete Kits is a full conversion kit for use with RC Lipo Batteries.
  • Single Motor Mechanical Kit A single motor mechanical kit which includes bolt on motor mount, drive wheel kit and wheels.
  • Dual Motor Mechanical Kit – A dual motor mechanical kit which includes bolt on motor mounts, drive wheel kit and wheels.
  • Single Motor Electrical Kit A single motor electrical kit includes an ESC speed controller of your choice plus our Electric Skateboard EPOWER Motors.
  • Dual Motor Electrical Kit –  A dual motor electrical kit includes two ESC speed controller, two EPOWER Motors and extra wiring to pair together two ESCs and two Motors.

There are many reasons why you would prefer a Custom DIY Electric Skateboard versus a production electric skateboard.

Our DIY Electric Skateboard Kits & Parts make it easy to upgrade down the road if you feel a single motor electric skateboard is not up to your standards anymore or you didn’t have money the first time around.

You can easily replace individual parts as they wear out and/or adjust your setup to your liking. True Freedom and Flexibility to enjoy your own DIY Electric Skateboard.

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