Building An Electric Motorized Skateboard & Longboard

Electric Skateboard

Choosing the best electric motor skateboard depends on your personal preference. It is very similar to choosing a car. You can choose to have more power and more range but sacrifice in the weight of your electric skateboard such as 18 pounds or more. You can also choose to have less power and less batteries and weigh 12 pounds and under. It depends on the purpose of your electric longboard/skateboard.

  • Do you want more range and power?
  • Do you want less weight and will sacrifice the added power and range of your board?

Pre-Built Electric Skateboard vs DIY Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard

Picture of an electric skateboard

Depending on the type of time, you have available for a project and your own personal preference would be the difference between buying an already made electric skateboard or a do it yourself electric longboard. Preferably, a DIY Electric Skateboard, you could possibly save money but at the same time it will result in longer time learning to create an electric skateboard. It can also cost you more, if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. As it has cost me more then expected since I was a newbie when I first started.

A pre-built electric skateboard can cost anywhere from $200 to $1,500. A DIY Electric Skateboard can cost $200 to $1,500. It all depends on what your trying to build. I will start creating DIY builds for different types of electric skateboard.

Benefits of Pre-Built Electric Skateboard

  • POSITIVE – Works straight from the box.
  • POSITIVE – No knowledge necessary to operate.
  • POSITIVE – No electrical knowledge necessary.
  • POSITIVE – Great design and features since everything is built exclusively as a pre-built board.
  • NEGATIVE – Depending on the pre-built electric skateboard, may have to wait for shipment.
  • NEGATIVE – More expense since everything is done for you.
  • NEGATIVE – Range (mileage distance) may not be that much. Board may be heavy.
  • NEGATIVE – DIY Eboard will get more for the buck, performance wise.

Benefits of DIY Electric Skateboard

  • POSITIVE – Can be much cheaper than a pre-built eboard.
  • POSITIVE – Ability to choose different off-the-shelf components for your eboard.
  • POSITIVE – Satisfaction and enjoyment of creating your own eboard.
  • POSITIVE – Get more bang for your buck. What you spend on a pre-built, you can have double the power and range with a DIY eboard but also will not probably look as great since it’s put together.
  • NEGATIVE – Won’t look as pretty as a Pre-Built Electric Skateboard since you can’t bend plastic and metal.
  • NEGATIVE – Can be a headache if your a newbie in RC cars and/or electrical work.
  • NEGATIVE – Knowledge on Electronics and RC components to create an electric skateboard.
  • NEGATIVE – Need experience with DIY Tools to create what you need.

My Personal Opinion – Prebuilt or DIY?

I like the idea of a pre-built board but if you enjoy learning and want to create one yourself a DIY Electric Skateboard would be just as much fun if not more. My reason for not choosing a pre-built was the fact that for the same price of a pre-built board. I could get twice the power and twice the range from any pre-built boards that are available currently.

I also really wanted to figure out how to create one and after creating one with dual motors and extra range. I want to create another one with less power and weigh less than it currently does. I will keep everyone up to date on my current builds.

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