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Here at DIYElectricSkateboard.com. We are always doing our best to create new and improved products to help the DIY Electric Skateboard community.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment on our post that way we are more aware of what you would prefer to use.

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40″ Maple Downhill Deck

We are working on new 40″ Canadian Maple Downhill Deck.

It will be 8ply Canadian Maple + 1ply Carbon Fiber. All black for the stealth look. Enclosure will be Matte Black ABS with the TorqueBoards logo.

This setup will fit a 10S4P battery pack.

Choose to use either

  1. Belt Drive
  2. Hub Motors

90mm Hub Motors!

We are working on upgrading our 90mm hub motors for higher performance and to be a more robust design for reliability.

Retail price = $160 per motor and wheel set.

We’ll have different pricing for a single hub motor kit and a dual hub motor kit.

Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard!


Our next Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard will be a 40″ or more preferably drop through, rear mounted setup, waterproof which will fit a 12s4p battery pack.

4 replies on “Upcoming Products

  • Sam Greenwald


    How far off are the bolt on paris motor mounts? And do you have any mockups so I can see if it is something that I would want to hold off for?


  • Dennis

    Looking forward to seeing those kegals adapters. please experiment with smaller gear diameters for lower gear ratio. Need more top end speed and less torque compared to your generic set up.
    email me when your ready with those
    – Thanks

    • DIYElectricSkateboard.com

      Hi Dennis,

      Will try and get the kegel adapters done soon. I’m working on a lower gearing but you lack initial torque and have to kick on start-up. Is this what you want? An alternative is to increase your voltage to reach a higher top speed.

      • Dennis Maksimov

        Yes, pushing the board before start is the proper way to start anyway to avoid a large power bursts.
        The electric motors have such a high torque curve through out its entire range anyway a higher range just makes sense. I typically use my board between 15mph-max 85% of the time, 60% of the time maxing it out completely (about 28 mph). I have 4s but haven’t tried them yet. Get the kegals in the top end of the speed spectrum, that’s what they where designed for.
        Email me if you have a initial batch i’ll buy and test them for you.


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