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  • how many ah is this product

    Our 12S2P uses 24x Samsung 30Q 3000mah Cells. In a 2P Parallel configuration that would make our 12S2P Electric Skateboard Battery a 6000mah battery pack for a range of 10-14 mile range.

  • What amperage ratings are these and what voltage do they put out? If you could send those specs for all of your battery packs that would be great - comparing for a project team at a university.

    44.4v Nominal Voltage, 50.4v Peak Voltage.
    BMS is rated at 30 AMPS Continous and 60 AMPS Peak.

    You should get about 30 amps continous with this pack. Enough to reach 25-30+ mph speeds.

  • Can the battery be charged directly through the main XT90 connector, or does it need to be charged through the additional laptop-style charger port?

    Yes, technically you can charge from both ends.

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