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  • Will nano remote work with unity


    Yes, this remote will work.

    If you have any questions, please let us know. Thanks!

  • If I have 4 boards and 4 remotes (group rides) will the auto binding cause problems.

    You shouldn't have any issue. You'll just want to pair them at separate times.

  • Are the controller and reciever already bound. or will I need a binding plug?

    For our Nano Remote, it has an auto-binding feature. It will bind atuomatically each time the remote is turned on.

  • How many hours will the remote work for on a full charge

    Nano Remote battery should last about 1-1.5 months of daily usage. As a pre-caution we suggest you charge your battery fairly often so that way you don't accidently end up riding with a low battery.

  • What is the clear air range of the 2.4ghz Nano Remote Control system?

    Typically, you'll be on top of an electric skateboard and the receiver underneath the longboard deck. We would only recommend 10 feet away at max.

  • can the controller and receiver be connected to more than two esc's

    Yes, if you are using our TORQUE ESC. You would use the following for a Dual ESC Setup.
    1x Male to Male Connector
    1x Dual ESC CAN bus Connector
    1x Dual ESC XT90 Parallel Connector

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