10S4P EPOWER Electric Skateboard Battery
10S3P 2A Charger
10S3P 4A Fast Charger
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Electric Skateboard Battery EPOWER Pack 10S3P



Enclosure included with purchase of EPOWER Pack 10S3P. 21.6″ Long, 8″ Wide.

  • 10S3P 18650 All-In-One Electric Skateboard Battery Pack
  • 10S3P w/ 2A Charger – $348.30 USD
  • 10S3P w/ 4A Fast Charger – $348.30 + $65.00 = $413.30 USD

The new TorqueBoards EPOWER Pack 10S3P Electric Skateboard Battery Pack is the thinnest and most powerful All-In-One Electric Skateboard Battery Pack.

All-In-One Integrated EPOWER Pack – Simple and Fast One-Plug Charging – Thin Profile – High EPOWER Output

We offer a 10S3P Custom 18650 Battery Packs made for your Electric Skateboard.

Our packs all include the following features:

  • Custom 10S3p 18650 Battery Pack with LG HE2 18650 cells.
    • 10S3P capable of delivering 2960 watts of peak power.
      • Dimensions Inches – 16.15″ Length, 5.90″ Width, 0.86″ Height.
      • Dimensions MM – 410mm Length * 150mm Width * 22mm Height
      • Discharge Wire Connector – XT90 Male
      • Total Watt Hours = 277.5 Watt Hours
  • Build-in Battery % LED Indicator ($40 VALUE)
    • Bright LED Indicator to easily view the available battery capacity.
  • Build-in On/Off Switch ($60 VALUE)
    • Easy On/Off Switch for ease of use.
  • One Plug Charging – 2A Charger or 4A Fast-Charger ($30 VALUE)
    • Simple, Small and Fast Chargers available for 2A or 4A charging.
    • 2A Charger – Small laptop style charging for simple charging.
    • 4A Charger – Fast 4A charger with built in fan. Allows you to charge your battery pack twice as fast.
  • Built-in Battery Management System (BMS) ($60 VALUE)
    • BMS is rated for 30A Continuous Amp Output and 80A Peak Amp Output.
  • Built-in 80Amp Fuse ($30 VALUE)
    • Built-in 80Amp Fuse to protect BMS.
  • Built-in (2) USB Ports ($30 VALUE)
    • USB Ports to charge your phone or devices.
Battery Pack

10S3P w/ 2A Charger, 10S3P w/ 4A Fast Charger


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