TORQUE Single Hub Motor Kit


  • Trucks are Paris Style Trucks Black.
  • 90mm 90A Black Hub Motor Wheels are available.
  • 90A Duro for Hub Motor. 78A for other wheels.
  • 75KV Hub Motors Out Of Stock.

Electric Skateboard Single Hub Motor Kit

This is an affordable single hub motor setup to use with an electric skateboard or electric longboard. These hub motor setups are a bit cheaper than the belt driven kits. They are not recommended for climbing hills and mainly for flat ground riding. Hill climbing is possible but you should be going up a hill at speed and not trying to go up without speed.

Recommendation – Single 6355 190KV Motor on 10S/12S is higher/better performance than a Single Hub Motor Setup.

They are an easy to install fit. Direct slip onto a Paris or Paris style truck.

  • Motor – 130KV for 6S or 75KV for 12S with a 52.8mm * 40mm stator. Bigger stator size than a Typical 6374 Motor.
  • Top Speed
    • 75KV for 10S/12S Battery is 25+mph.
    • 130KV for 6S is 20mph. 130KV for 12S is 30mph.
  • Wheels – 90mm Wheels in Black.
  • Recommended Rider Weight Flat Ground – 200-240 lbs
  • Recommend Rider Weight Uphill – 180lbs

These wheels pair up with our 90mm EPOWER Flywheels.

Kit contains the following items:

Single Hub Motor Kit

  • Single Hub Motor (90mm Black).
  • (3) EPOWER Wheels (90mm Black).
  • 180mm Paris Style Trucks (90mm Black) – These hub motors will only work with a rounded truck hanger with an 18mm diameter.


  • VESC is the recommend ESC for these TORQUE Hub Motors.
  • Our TORQUE Hub Motors have 4mm Bullet Connectors. You will need the 4mm to 5.5mm Bullet Connector Adapters.
  • Skateboard T Tool is required to secure the hub motor to the truck.
  • TORQUE Hub 75KV is recommended for 10S/12S battery setups.
  • TORQUE Hub 130KV is recommended for 6S battery setups and under. 8S should be ok.

Best Recommended Setup

TORQUE Hub Motor Specs

Tested on 6S. Results will vary with higher voltage but this is provided as a general guideline.

  • Motor Size:63mm * 50mm
  • Stator Size – 52.8mm * 30mm
  • Wheel Size – 90mm Diameter 52mm Wide 90A Duro
  • Magnets – N42SH
  • Maximum Heat – 50-60°C, Max 80°C / 122-140°F, Max 176°F
  • Voltage – 6S-12S
  • Peak Rated Power – 1800W
  • Continous Output Power – 500W
  • Max Current – 50A

75KV 12S, 130KV 6S


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