TorqueBoards 2.4Ghz Mini Remote Controller



The New Small Form Factor Electric Skateboard Remote.

TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Mini Remote Controller is a small form factor handheld controller to power on your DIY Electric Skateboard.

  • Receiver must be binded to the Remote Controller for it to work properly.
  • Works with any standard RC ESC.

Installation Tutorial


  1. Compact and it fits well in your hand. Bought a second for my new board 2 AA batteries last about 6 weeks with daily riding. It has never disconnected.

  2. how can I connect this to my ESC?

    • @Zayan Sait – You can connect this to your ESC with the receiver which is provided with the 2.4ghz Mini Remote.

  3. Does this controller have a cruiser control feature like the wii numchuck has?

    • @Reggie – This feature does not have a cruise control feature like the Wii Nunchuck does have unfortunately.

  4. This thing is amazing!

  5. Batteries or rechargeable? Run and Standby time?

    • Batteries are (2) AA. So far seems like it might last 1-2 months if not longer with out re-charging.

    • @Rob – It runs on (2) AA Batteries but lasts for months on a pack of (2) AA Batteries.

  6. What does the wheel on the side control? Isn’t that normally for steering?

    • Hi Ed,

      Yeah, it’s normally for steering. You can remove it easily if you wanted.

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