Dual Motor Mechanical Kit

$325.99 $299.99



Dual Mechanical Kit Includes

  • (2) TorqueBoards Bolt On Motor Mount (Black)
    • Choose between 50mm or 63mm Spacing.
  • (2) 50 Degree TorqueBoards v2 Trucks (Black or Blue)
  • (2) 36T Drive Wheel Pulley + (6 each) M6x50 Bolts (HTD5 12mm width)
  • (2) 13T or 16T Motor Pulley (HTD5 12mm width)
  • (2) 265mm High Torque Timing Belt (HTD5 12mm width) *Inward Mount
  • (4) 83mm 76a E-Power Longboard Wheels (Black)
  • (2) 1/8″ Risers
  • (8) High Speed ABEC Bearings
  • (4) Bearing Spacers
  • (8) Deck Hardware

How Fast Is The Dual Motor Mechanical Kit?

You can pair it with a 6S Battery Setup (22.2v) or a 12S Battery Setup (44.4v)

  • 6S 22.2v Battery + 6355 260KV Motor + 16T/36T Gearing Ratio = 24mph Top Speed
  • 12S 44.4v Battery + 6355 190KV Motor + 16T/36T Gearing Ratio = 30mph Top Speed
Motor Mount Size

63mm Motors, 50mm Motors

Wheel Color

83mm Clear Blue, 83mm Yellow, 83mm Neon Green, 83mm White, 83mm Neon Orange, 83mm Lime

Motor Pulley

13T HTD5 12mm Motor Pulley, 16T HTD5 12mm Motor Pulley