Electric Skateboard Wiiceiver Wireless Nunchuck Instructions

The Wiiceiver is an open source arduino based project developed by Austin David (Wiiceiver). It is a plug and play replacement for a standard R/C receiver that allows a Wireless Wii Nunchuck to be used as an Electric Skateboard handheld controller.

Original controls are the following:

  • Y-axis (up/down) is used for acceleration control. It is very similar to the standard RC transmitters.
    • Up/Forward is used to control acceleration speed.
    • Neutral is used to coast and/or slow down.
    • Down is used for electrical brakes.

Additional Functions for the Wiiceiver:

  • X/Y joystick axes, X/Y/Z accelerometers, and the two buttons are monitored to confirm that the nunchuck is “active” — as opposed to dropped or low battery.  When “inactive” the  wiiceiver returns to neutral, and will not re-start until it detects and active neutral signal.
  • C button is “cruise control” — press and hold C to maintain the current throttle level.  Drop the joystick to neutral to cruise.  While holding C, pressing the joystick “up” will increase speed gently, “down” will decrease speed. Releasing C returns to neutral.
    • If within 5 seconds, you hit the C (cruise control button) it will resume speed of the last set cruise control speed gradually.
  • Control smoothing: Wiiceiver implemenets an exponential algorithm to smooth the controller input.  As currently tuned, an instant 0-100% throttle input will result in a   gradual change to the ESC over the course of about 1s.

Currently, the Wiiceiver has been tested to work with a corded Nintendo Nunchuck, a Memorex wireless nunchuck and works best with a Nyko Kama Wireless Nunchuck.


You accept this disclaimer by default if you use the Wiiceiver with your electric skateboard.

  • It is possible for the Wiiceiver to be affected by electrical and bluetooth interference. You assume the risk of the Wiiceiver not responding at any moment due to your riding environment. We recommend that you do know how to stop by traditional longboard/skateboarding means before trying to use this as your electric skateboard controller.
  • A skateboard is a dangerous device and is even more dangerous with a motor attached to it. Be safe and always wear a helmet. You risk the chance of being minorly injured or even outrageously injured by improper use of an electric skateboard. Use your due diligence and make the correct choices.
  • Do not use this as an electric skateboard handheld controller. This is only provided as educational knowledge.
Wireless Wii Nunchuck Wiiceiver Instructions

Step 1 - Wiiceiver Components

The following listed below is included when you purchase the Wireless Wii Nunchuck Wiiceiver Adapter.

Wireless Wii Nunchuck Wiiceiver Components

The Wiiceiver on the left comes pre-programmed with the latest firmware and is plug and play.

The Ferrite Ring on the right is used as a filter to help prevent RF interference. It is recommended to keep this attached to your ESC signal wire.

Step 2 - Ferrite Ring Installation

Ferrite Ring Installation

The ESC Signal wire should be wrapped around the Ferrite Ring about 4 to 5 times. This ferrite ring helps with interference with the signal wire to the Wiiceiver.

Step 3 - Plug in ESC Signal Wire + Nyko Kama Receiver

The Nyko Kama Receiver plugs into the right side of the image shown with the rubber part facing up. If the Nyko Kama plastic cover is too big. You can remove it and use heatshrink over it to protect it.

Wiiceiver Signal and Nyko Kama Positioning

The ESC Signal wire from your ESC Speed Controller can be plugged into one of the (2) 3 pin connectors. You can plug in either a single ESC Signal Wire and/or (2) ESC Single Wires to be controlled by the Wiiceiver.

Step 4 - Proper Methods for Turning Wiiceiver On

Syncing The Nyko Kama Transmitter & Receiver

The Nyko Kama Wii Nunchuck Transmitter (handheld) will take a few seconds to sync with the Nyko Kama Receiver (receiver).

Once the two are sync’ed together it will sync almost instantly.

Turning On Your Electric Skateboard

Once everything is plugged in properly based on the diagrams and images shown above. You can either turn on your the system power first and the Nyko Kama handheld second and/or vice versa. There is no specific way as they will sync either way.

Turn on your board, wait a few seconds for the power to get to the Wiiceiver then turn on your Nyko Kama handheld (Wii Nunchuck). You should see the green and red lights blinking on the Wiiceiver if it is visible.

Have Any Questions?

If there is something that you are unclear of and/or have a question or comment. Please feel comment or send us an email. We would be glad to help.

8 replies on “Electric Skateboard Wiiceiver Wireless Nunchuck Instructions

  • Adam

    I see on your site the nyko is out of stock, is there anyother nuchuck you could suggest as i dont like using the wired nunchcuk? kind regards

  • Tina

    It’s very hard to estimate the voltage of the kilos while cruising but what do you think is the best way to monitor the voltage of the battery’s on my electric longboard while riding it??

    • DIYElectricSkateboard.com

      @Tina – You can estimate voltage by using the ESC low voltage cut off feature. IMO, it works great and the board will stop when you get near the 3.0V – 3.4V mark. I usually set mine to 3.4v that way I also have a bit left and I don’t stress the batteries too much. You can also use voltage meters which you plug into your balance connectors and/or you can also add in a Watts type meter which measure a few different things.

  • vasco

    I have purchase this wii (black)and I’m struggling to plug the Nyko Kama in to the receiver, it just doesn’t go in, am i missing something or something else i have to do? worried about braking the receiver.
    thank you so much

  • Offir Schramm

    Hey Guys,

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

    i really impressed with the wiiciever and would like to purchase it since im building a few electric longboard.

    i would like to know if the compatibility with the following;
    1) leopard motor and esc (here a direct link with all the specs:

    2) what kind of Lipo Battery do you recommend that will work with the Wiiceiver

    would appriciate your help and info.


    • DIYElectricSkateboard.com

      Hi Offir,

      Yes, the Wiiceiver works as a standard RC transmitter/receiver. It should work perfectly fine with your chosen setup.

      A lipo battery is not needed for the Wiiceiver. Your build in BEC and/or a UBEC into the Wiiceiver is the standard.

      Please feel free to let me know if you have further questions.



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