New v4 Electric Skateboard Motor Mount

Checkout our latest design for our v4 electric skateboard motor mounts.  Now available in 63mm or 50mm motor mount options.

Electric Skateboard Motor Mount

Electric Skateboard Motor Mount

We’ve added a few new features to our bolt on motor mounts.

  • They are made in Mil-Spec 7075-T6 Aluminum.
  • Truck Clamp and Motor Bolts are now counterbored which allows no bolt heads to stick out.

Motor Mount Includes

  • (1) Motor Mount (63mm or 50mm)
  • (1) Truck Clamp (For Caliber Trucks or TORQUE 50D Trucks)
  • (1) M6 x 25mm – Bolts to secure the truck clamp to Caliber or TORQUE 50D Trucks
  • (5) M5 x 14mm – Bolts to secure motor mount to the truck clamp.
  • (4) M4 x 10mm – Bolts to secure motor to the motor mount.
  • (3) Black Heatshrink – Black Heatshrink tube is used to wrap around the curved part of the truck to provide less movement and flex for the truck clamp.

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