Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 190KV



What’s Included

  • (1) 6355 190KV EPOWER Motor (Fits 63mm Motor Mount)
  • (1) 3×3 Keyway Key

Product Description

6355 190KV with maximum size stators! This isn’t your run of the mill “average” 6355 Motor. Our motors have been maximum spec’ed for their current 55mm Width. All the features and upgrades below are now standard for our 6355 190KV motor which we sell.

  • Max Power: 2500 Watts
  • Max Amps: 80 Amps
  • Max Volts: 12S
  • Recommend ESC: 12S 120A-150A (VESC or 12S TorqueBoards ESC)
  • SHAFT: Diameter 8mm, 32mm length, 2 flat spot w/ 3×3 keyway slot.
  • Motor Wire: 150mm silicone 12AWG wire with 5.5mm Gold Bullet Connector Female.
    • Wire configuration:
      • Blue = A
      • Black = B
      • Yellow = C
  • Sensor Wire: Standard RC Sensor Wire JST-ZH 6pin 1.5mm pitch
    • Internal PCB with 120 Degree Hall Effect Sensors.
    • Motor can be used with or without a sensor. Sensorless operation is most common.
    • VESC Sensor Wires required to use with VESC.
    • Wire configuration:
      • Red = 5v
      • White = Temp
      • Blue = A
      • Yellow = C
      • Green = B
      • Black = GND

Our 6355 190KV Features

  • The best part is we increased the stator size of our motor so you get the same stator size as a 6365 motor! Our new stators are 52.8mm x 30mm. The biggest we can fit in a 55mm length motor.
  • Extra long motor shafts which will fit our 12mm width pulleys. Also has an 8mm motor shaft size, keyway, flatspot and cir-clip.
  • 12awg high strand silicone wire with 5.5mm gold bullet connectors.
  • Sensored motor! Can also be ran sensorless just leave the sensor wires disconnected.

They are 55mm in length which allows you to fit them on a dual rear setup with our 12mm width belts.


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