TORQUE ESC VESC ® BLDC Electronic Speed Controller

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Add-On Electrical Connectors


TORQUE ESC compatible with VESC® Software.
TORQUE ESC based upon the VESC® Open Source Project.

The VESC® BLDC is the latest and greatest Open Source ESC which we use to power our Electric Skateboard Motors. It was built from the ground up with many customize-able options. Using the VESC, you can start a sensorless motor from a complete stop.

v4.12 Hardware (Latest)
v2.18 Firmware (Latest)

TORQUE ESC compatible with VESC® Software.

TORQUE ESC based upon the VESC® Open Source Project.

VESC BLDC Open-Source Electric Skateboard ESC

VESC is an open source, highly modifiable electronic speed controller ESC by Benjamin Vedder.

It works fantastic for building your own DIY Electric Skateboard. The VESC allows you to use sensorless motors to achieve smooth start-up from a stop versus traditional RC ESC’s which have trouble starting from a complete stop.

You can connect your VESC via Mini USB to your computer and modify the VESC settings. There are VESC BLDC Tool software for Linux, Windows, MacOSX.

Our VESC ships to you tested multiple times during the production cycle. Pre-configured for a Single Motor Electric Skateboard with our 6355 190KV EPOWER Motor and our 10S3P EPOWER Pack. Your VESC will perform better when configured for your particular motor and battery voltage. Please refer to our videos below for more information on how to program your VESC.

You may need and/or require the following items below with your VESC.

VESC Additional Items

Don’t forget these items as you may need them for your VESC to function properly!

Items Required for Single Motor Setup

Items Required for Dual Motor Setup

Current VESC Specs

  • v4.12 Hardware (Latest hardware version)
  • Latest v2.18 for Firmware for FOC (Latest firmware version)
  • 10awg motor wires w/ 5.5mm bullet connectors.
  • Bootloader and Firmware Loaded. With Motor Detection & FOC Tested.
  • *You are required to do your own Motor Detection & Settings adjustment to your setup. We do have Electric Skateboard Tutorials on this setup and configuration.

VESC BLDC Electric Skateboard ESC Benefits

  • Strong, Reliable and Progressive Electric Brakes.
  • Start from a stop with Unsensored or Sensorless Motors as if it was Sensored.
  • Many Safety Features such as Current Control and Temperature Control Features.
  • Sensored and Unsensored (FOC) Field Oriented Control allows your electric skateboard to run with barely any motor noise.

VESC BLDC Electric Skateboard ESC Features

  • Built in 5V BEC (Used to power your receiver.)
  • Voltage: 8V to 60V (Up to 14S LiPo Voltage)
  • Current: Up to 240A for a few seconds or 50A continous
  • PCB size is 40mm x 60mm
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Sensored or Sensorless operation
  • Great start-up torque with sensorless motors
  • VESC complete size is 120mm long, 40mm wide.

VESC Tutorials & Videos

VESC Production Updates

  • VESC Batch #4+
    • VESC Hardware v4.12
    • VESC Firmware v2.18
    • All VESC’s have (3) 63v 680µF.
    • Upgraded C18 to 4.7µF (From standard 2.2µF)
    • Battery Wires = XT90 Female w/ 5mm Male Bullet Connectors w/ 10awg High Silicone Strand Wire
    • Motor Wires = 5.5mm Bullet Connectors w/ 10awg High Silicone Strand Wire

VESC BLDC Warranty

No frills, affordable VESC with no warranty. At our current price point, we would not be able to provide a full warranty on VESCs. However, they are tested before shipment.

The VESC is highly susceptible to damage if used incorrectly. It is still and a beta product. Enjoy being on the cutting edge at an affordable price! We do our best to get you up and running with no problems. Please watch our YouTube Videos on setup.

VESC is currently a BETA product.

By purchasing the VESC without warranty is upon your own RISK. Any DRV8302 errors or errors after testing are your own responsibility. We do not offer any replacements or returns.

We do our best by extensive testing on our end which includes loading the bootloader/firmware, testing BLDC  mode, motor detection and testing FOC mode. We run the tests 2-3 times. If we are able to do the following with no issues, the VESC is ready to be shipped.

Still want VESC Warranty? Purchase our additional warranty VESC BLDC with Warranty.

What VESC Connectors Do I Order?

What connectors do I need for a Single Motor VESC Setup?


  • Male to Male Connector – The Male to Male Connector will plug into the VESC into the Remote Receiver. This is required for communication between the VESC and Remote Receiver.

What connectors do I need for a Dual Motor VESC Setup?

  • Male to Male Connector – The Male to Male Connector will plug into the VESC into the Remote Receiver. This is required for communication between the VESC and Remote Receiver.
  • VESC XT90 Parallel Connector – The XT90 Parallel Connector connects the power wires in parallel for a Dual Motor setup. Required for Dual Motor Setup.
  • VESC CAN bus Connector – The CAN bus Connector communicates VESC 1 to VESC 2. Required for Dual Motor Setup.
  • VESC Sensor Wire Adapter – The Sensor Wire Adapter is an adapter to connect our Sensored Motors sensored cable to the VESC. Sensor wires aren’t required but are typically used in FOC Sensored (VESC Mode) which will be more silent. About 95% of users run Unsensored setups since they work perfectly without sensors. This is just an added option and not required. If you choose not to use sensors that are included in the motor you can simply tuck them into your enclosure. I would not recommend cutting off the sensor wires.
  • Mini USB Cable – A Mini USB cable is required to program the VESC. This is a standard Mini USB Cable and isn’t required if you already have one.