Recommended LiPo Battery Chargers for Electric Skateboard

If you plan on using RC LiPo battery packs for your DIY Electric Skateboard Build. There are a few high quality chargers which I highly recommend as well as a few cheaper options as well.

Basic Cheap Automatic LiPo Battery Charger

Basic Automatic Electric Skateboard Charger

TOTAL COST = $18.85

The beginner charger is a HobbyKing B6 AC/DC Compact LiPO/NiMh 50W Charger (US Plug) – $18.85 it is one of the most easiest and simplest chargers that you could use. If you don’t care too much about charging quickly these are fairly cheap and will do the job.

I would only recommend this for beginners. If you have multiple battery packs and need more flexibility with your charging options this wouldn’t be the proper charger to purchase.

Cheap Decent LiPo Battery Charger


TOTAL COST = $38.98

The iMax B6 $24.99 and a 105W Power Supply $13.99 are a cheaper option for charging. They do charge quite slow at about 4.2 amps. They don’t charge all that accurately. I would recommend these if you are on a budget but otherwise I highly recommend the iCharger setup below.


HK 200W 10A ECO6-10

TOTAL COST = $74.72

The HobbyKing ECO6-10 200W Charger is a bit more expensive at $34.99 with a HobbyKing 350w 25A Power Supply $39.73. With this charger you can charge at 10 amps which is twice as fast as the iMax B6 setup above.

Cheapest Highest Quality LiPo Battery Charger

iCharger 208B

TOTAL COST = $166.72

I truly enjoy this charger and it’s worth every penny. It’s an iCharger 208B charger $126.99 that was expensive but not as expensive as some of the other battery chargers out there $300-$400. iCharger is one of the high quality battery chargers available. It’s not the most expensive or the very best but for the price it’s highly worth it. Highly reliable, 20Amp charge rate for under $150 bucks is a steal. I doubt this charger will ever break and typically a lot of the $40-50 chargers will break often because they are cheaply made.

You will also need a power supply. I highly recommend this HobbyKing 350W power supply – $39.73 (buy the correct power supply for your country, the one linked is a US version) as it’s able to let me run my iCharger and charge at 20amps. This LiPo charger and power supply combo are the best an cheapest I found at the price. The difference between a cheap 5amp charger versus a 20amp charger is about 4 times. This means that a 5amp charger will charge 4 times slower than a 20amp charger. It’s definitely a big difference if you plan on charging (6) LiPo Battery packs in parallel.

LiPo Battery Charger Accessories

6S 4mm HXT Parallel BoardThe Parallel Charging Board – The most common and easiest way to charge multiple LiPo battery packs would be to use a parallel charging board. All your LiPo packs should have 4mm HXT connectors on the ends. You can plug a total of (6) LiPo packs to this parallel charging board.

It’s highly worth it and only costs $9.05 from HobbyKing. It truly shines when you use this with the iCharger 208B. I’m able to charge (6) 3S 5000mah packs in about 45 minutes to an hour. This equals about 18 miles of riding distance.

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