Ultimate DIY Electric Skateboard Guide

Learn How To Build An Electric Skateboard Guide

Our guide will help you step by step on learning how to build an electric longboard skateboard as well as learning how to fix and maintain your own electric longboard skateboard.

It is fairly simple to create once you fully understand the components that it requires. Depending on your requirements for an electric skateboard we can then decide on what components to choose for your electrical skateboard.

We hope you enjoy this guide as well as share it with your friends. If you have any questions or are looking for more guides and tutorials feel free to let us know.

  • What’s The Best DIY Electric Skateboard Setup For Me?
  • Choosing An Electric Skateboard Deck
  • Choosing An Electric Skateboard Motor
  • Choosing Electric Skateboard Wheels
  • Choosing An Electric Skateboard (ESC) Electronic Speed Controller
  • Choosing An Electric Skateboard Remote
  • Choosing An Electric Skateboard Battery

Choosing An Electric Skateboard Motor Mount

Electric Skateboard Basics

  • What is an Electric Longboard Skateboard?
  • Should I use a Single Motor or Dual Motor Electric Skateboard?
  • What are the benefits of a Dual Motor Electric Skateboard?
  • What components make an Electric Longboard Skateboard?
  • Which should I choose a Dual Diagonal Motor Electric Skateboard or Dual Rear Motor Electric Skateboard?
  • Why is Electric Skateboards so expensive?
  • Recommended Electric Longboard Skateboard Setups
  • I don’t have enough money to buy an Electric Skateboard
  • Introduction to Electric Skateboards
  • Electric Skateboard Kit
  • Electric Longboard Skateboard Parts Diagram
  • Planning Your Electric Skateboard Build
  • Why Should You Build Your Own Electric Skateboard?
  • Choose The Right Electric Skateboard Deck
  • All About Electric Skateboard Motors
  • All About Electric Skateboard Batteries
  • All About Electric Skateboard Speed Controllers
  • All About Electric Skateboard Wireless Remote Controllers
  • Assembling Your Own Kit
  • Install Your Electric Skateboard Trucks
  • Mounting Your Electrical Components
  • Electrical Connectors and Soldering
  • Pre-First Ride Safety Check and Routine
  • Electric Longboard Skateboard Glossary and Terms
  • Installing A Battery Enclosure
  • Replacing The ESC Controller
  • Replacing The Battery
  • Removing The Battery Box
  • Wheel Replacement
  • Reducing Rattling Sounds
  • Cleaning Your Electric Longboard Skateboard
  • Belt Replacement

How To Build Your Electric Longboard Skateboard

  • Choosing A Longboard Deck For Your Electric Skateboard
  • How To Mount A Motor For Your Electric Skateboard
  • Understanding The Electrical Drive Wheel System

Electric Skateboard Batteries

DIY Electric Skateboard Product Instructions

How To Build Your Electric Skateboard

Choosing A Longboard Deck For Your Electric Skateboard

There are a few things to consider when choosing a longboard deck that you plan on using for an electric skateboard. The first most important thing is to remember that you will need clearance for your electrical components underneath your longboard deck. Other then that you can almost use any longboard deck. It is preferred to use a semi-flat deck to have the least complications.

Decks similar to a Landyachtz Switch Blade with deep foot pockets aren’t ideal because of the odd shape underneath the deck. It simply doesn’t provide enough room for all your components. Flat or small concave decks are much more ideal since you can keep the motors in between the wheels rather than on the outside. Benefits of a smaller board and lighter board – A smaller board 28? to 30? board with less layers of plywood 5-7ply versus 8-9 ply would end up being a much lighter electric skateboard setup. You have to eventually decide on a happy medium for what type of electric skateboard riding that you are interested in. Read the full blog post ” How To Choose A Longboard Deck For An Electric Skateboard ” for more tips on choosing a longboard deck for your electric longboard setup.

How To Mount A Motor For Your Electric Skateboard

One of the most critical components for an electric skateboard is being able to mount a motor onto your trucks. This will hold the motor and allow a belt and pulley drive wheel system to push your longboard wheel forward. Doing it yourself can be time consuming and troublesome unless you are very good with tools and can make one that looks great. We currently sell a full welded motor mount which is attached to a pair of Paris clone type trucks. We have (2) different options which would be a single motor mechanical kit as well as a dual diagonal motor mechanical kit. The entire kit includes a pair of trucks, a set of (4) wheels and the entire drive train setup for either a single motor kit or dual diagonal motor kit.

  • Single Motor Mechanical Kit – $225
  • Dual Diagonal Motor Mechanical Kit – $325

Understanding The Drive Wheel System

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