How To Build A Dual Motor Electric Skateboard

dual Motor Electric Skateboard

A Dual Motor Electric Skateboard belt drive setup can consist of the following components. The Dual Motor setup is similar to the single motor with an added second motor and second electronic speed controller plus some additional ESC wire connectors.

1. Electric Skateboard Motor

  • There are two different electric skateboard motors which you can use. Dual 6355 will provide a more lightweight setup and typically more power than you'll ever need. Dual 6374 will a more powerful setup but will add additional weight and uses longer truck hangers. Typically, a dual 6355 190KV motor setup will allow you more power than you'll typically need. Dual 6374 are for high performance enthusiasts. 
  • OPTION 1 - Dual 6355 190KV Motors with our 180mm Longboard Trucks.
  • OPTION 2 - Dual 6374 190KV Motors with our 218mm Longboard Trucks.

2. Electric Skateboard Speed Controller

  • Recommended - Two TORQUE ESC Speed Controllers are required for a dual motor setup. You'll need a few extra connectors such as Dual ESC XT90 Parallel Connector, Dual ESC CAN bus Connector. We use a male to male connector to connect the 

3. Dual Motor Mechanical Kit

4. Electric Skateboard Remote Controller

  • A reliable remote control that does has no dropped connections is a must needed feature. We recommend our 2.4ghz Mini Remote (Trigger Throttle) or our 2.4ghz Nano Remote (Thumb Throttle).

5. Electric Skateboard Battery

  • The best electric skateboard battery for a dual motor setup would be our 12S4P Battery Pack. Our 12S4P battery pack is capable of 25-30 mile range which supplies enough power for a powerful electric skateboard with a ton of battery capacity to reach long distance commutes or rides.

6. Longboard Deck

  • For a 12S4P Electric Skateboard Battery and a Dual Motor Electric Skateboard. The best option would be a stiff and sturdy longboard deck with a wheelbase of 36 inches or longer. The enclosure will provide protection for the 12S4P Battery Pack and Electronics.

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