How To Build A Single Motor Electric Skateboard

Single Motor Electric Skateboard

A Single Motor Electric Skateboard belt drive setup can consist of the following components.

1. Electric Skateboard Motor

  • Recommended - We would recommend a 6374 190KV Motor using 15mm wide belt for a setup which you don't plan on upgrading in the near future.
  • Upgradeable - If you want to upgrade in the near future, you would want a 6355 190KV Motor using 12mm wide belt.

2. Electric Skateboard Speed Controller

  • Recommended - TORQUE ESC Speed Controller is recommended as it has amazing start-up power as well as full control and functionality to configure your ESC's power output. A typical RC ESC Speed Controllers typically have unreliable start-up from a stop which requires you to kick-off when riding.

3. Single Motor Mechanical Kit

  • Our Single Motor Mechanical Kit includes the entire mechanical portion of an electric skateboard which includes Trucks, Wheels, Motor Mounts, Belt Drive System (16T Motor Pulley/36T Drive Wheel Pulley), Longboard Bearings, Risers, Bearing Spacers and Deck Hardware Bolts.

4. Electric Skateboard Remote Controller

  • A reliable remote control that does has no dropped connections is a must needed feature. We recommend our 2.4ghz Mini Remote or our 2.4ghz Nano Remote.

5. Electric Skateboard Battery

  • An Electric Skateboard Battery typically consists of 18650 Battery Cells or RC LiPo Batteries. You'll also need an enclosure. Our custom pre-built 12S2P and 12S4P Electric Skateboard Battery Packs include an enclosure with our battery packs.

6. Longboard Deck

  • First, you'll have to figure out the style of longboard deck that you prefer. You'll want to make sure you have enough wheelbase space for all of your components.
  • The easiest deck to use would be a stiff and firm longboard deck.
  • For our 18650 Packs (12S2P and 12S4P) we recommend a wheelbase of 26" or longer which will fit our specific enclosures for our electric skateboard battery packs.

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