10S4P 25+ Mile Range Electric Skateboard

We have our new EPOWER Packs specifically this is about our EPOWER Pack 10S4P. The battery pack itself has the dimensions of the pack.
  • 520mm x 144mm x 22mm in MM
  • 20.47" x 5.66" x 0.86" in INCHES
We use a bigger enclosure to hold the 10S4P Electric Skateboard Battery and 2x VESCs + Receiver. The actual enclosure dimensions are as follows.
  • 645mm x 150mm x 28mm in MM
  • 25.39" x 5.90" x 1.10" in INCHES

Requirements for a 10S4P setup

  • Motor Mount Inwards - 29" Wheelbase Minimum. Recommended 30"+ Wheelbase or longer.
    • Motor Mount is about 3" of the wheelbase.
  • Motor Mount Reverse - 26" Wheelbase Minimum. Recommended 27-28" Wheelbase or longer.
    • Motor Mount is facing the back side of the board. This means that you gain 3" wheelbase in the center but you can't kick your longboard up. You would have to grab it from the side to pick it up.

Recommended Longboard Decks

The following longboard decks I would recommend below.

Inward Mount

Recommended 30"+ Wheelbase. Stiff/Rigid Deck. No Drops. It's still possible to use the others but it's a risk you take.

Reverse Mount or Hub Motor

Recommended 26-27"+ Wheelbase.

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  • MIke Liske

    Greetings. I would like to power a Sector Nine 56" x 11" longboard.
    What kit would you recommend?
    Thanks for the info.

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