Safety Guide

Always read and follow all safety guidelines and warnings in this Safety Guide. Whenever you use any DIY Electric Skateboard and TORQUEBOARDS products and services, you risk death or serious injury from falls, collisions, and loss of control. Always read and follow all warnings, guides, and instructions in order to ride safe. 

Wear a helmet at all times. Proper safety gear and appropriate clothes are a must.  

Ride at a safe speed where you can still be in control to manually maneuver your skateboard from any abrupt sudden situations.  

Before riding check your board for any signs of damage. 

Always be cautious, aware, and alert of your surroundings and environment to ensure you are riding safely. Ride at proper times and areas where you can fully see your surroundings in the event you stop as the board may loose power, connection, or a sudden abrupt error occurs.

Always accelerate upon arriving at a hill. Ride continuously with steady and constant acceleration all the way up the hill without stopping. In the event you may need to stop, carry your board and walk the rest of the hill to avoid damage to your motors.

Ride on smooth roads to maintain quality of board.


Avoid any form of water, rain, unsafe uneven surfaces, unsafe uneven objects, and unsafe situations. 

Do not wet, open, or tamper with any electronic parts to prevent risk of electric shock.

Do not ride where it is unsafe or prohibited by law.

Do not continue riding your board if you stop any time before you've reached the top of a hill or you will run the risk of burning and damaging your motors.

Ride at your own risk. Ensure you read and follow all safety guidelines every time you ride. Proper safety gear is recommended, like elbow and knee pads. Remember to ride responsibly and safely, most importantly around cars and other vehicles that can potentially injure or cause death. 

Remember this is an electronic product and errors may occur. Adhere to all warnings of electrical parts, boards, and devices to ensure safety. It is your responsibility to ensure and agree that you practice and follow all safety guidelines. 

When riding a hill, always ride steady, constant, and nonstop up hill. If you must stop for any reason, do not continue riding your board and walk the rest of the way up hill carrying your board instead to ensure and maintain the quality of the board while also preventing any damage of the motors on the board. 

Do not ride on rocks, glass, gravel, cracks, stairs, train tracks, uncertain debris, or any unsafe uncertain object. 

Do not ride in, near, or around dangerous, risky, or hazardous circumstances. 

Do not wear or use any clothing, shoes, items, or accessories that may distract or cause you to loose balance, focus, or interfere with your ability to safely ride.

Expert and knowledge in electric skateboards Adult use only. Not recommended for children, pregnant women, or the elderly. 


 Always use caution and ride safely.