HOW TO Build A DIY Electric Skateboard


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Where Do I Start?

If you’re looking for a new and exciting and thrilling hobby. Look no further! If you’ve heard or seen an electric skateboard flying by and have thought about getting one. You’ll most definetly enjoy it! It’s a new an amazing electric vehicle that has tons and tons of benefits that will greatly enhance your lifestyle with a ton of fun and thrill. They are all the rage these days.

But did you know that you can easily build one yourself? In this ultimate step-by-step resource guide, we’ll teach and show you how to build your own diy electric skateboard without any prior experience. It’s real simple and easy. We’ll go through everything you need to know to build your very first DIY electric skateboard from scratch.

First, we’ll cover the basics. This includes all the components that you’ll need to build an electric skateboard such as the motor, trucks, battery and much more. We’ll give you the brief and most simple guide first and if you want to learn more in-depth on specific components we elaborate more on what other types of diy electric skateboard builds that you can build.

For the ease of building, we do offer and sell diy electric skateboard parts that make the DIY electric skateboard build time much easier. It will ultimately save you time and money and allow you to have a much more enjoyable experience. You can ultimately build it 100% from scratch which we’ll go into in the future as well if you do decide to go that route.

Next, we’ll go through the details of installing a motor mount, tips on how to secure your motor mount properly. We’ll go in detail on how we wire all the electronics and explain how to connect your motor to the electronic speed controller and the battery.

We also have more articles that explain in extreme detail on what lithium-ion batteries are and what you’d want for your own electric skateboard.

We also cover building your own diy electric skateboard battery enclosure. This enclosure will house both your electronics and batteries and there are DIY options to do this but we also provide a proper electric skateboard deck + enclosure that make the process more seamless and simple for those that want to get riding faster. There are many DIY options for building a custom enclosure which we’ll also explain if you’re looking to build a custom diy electric skateboard.

We’ll also go through any troubleshooting tips and maintenance advice that will help you keep your board running smoothly at all times. Any common repairs and troubleshooting, we have also documented this way it’s convenient for you to understand and learn how to repair your board simply and easily.

Can’t forget about your safety! We’ll let you know what we suggest for safety depending on how you ride and what you ride for this way you stay safe and can keep enjoying riding your electric skateboard without any injuries. No one needs to get hurt, that’s no fun.

By the end of this article, you’ll learn and know everything you need to build your very own high performance DIY electric skateboard and you’ll be enjoying every second of it. Cruise down the street with ease and cut that commute time by hours or just have a blast riding!

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