Why Buy From TorqueBoards?

We understand that choosing the best electric skateboard can be a daunting task and it’s very confusing and a lot to think about. Rest assured, you are getting the highest quality and most reliable components on the market by purchasing from us here at TorqueBoards.

Our Mission - It’s simple. We want you to have a remarkable electric skateboard experience. It should be simple, easy with no confusion and no headaches. You should expect and get the highest quality parts and products at a great price. With the ability to repair easily (plug and play) and with upgrade paths if you decide that you want more out of your electric skateboard at a future timeframe. Electric skateboards are expensive. No need to buy an entirely new electric skateboard if you have a great Electric Skateboard Platform you can easily upgrade components to get more usage out of your existing electric skateboard. Our mission is to build a proper upgrade path so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Here are the top reasons why you should buy your electric skateboard kit from us.

  1. We’ve been here for a while - We’ve sold our first electric skateboard motor mounts in 2013. We’ve since now have served well over 40,000+ customers. We’ve always enjoyed a diy electric skateboard background. Our mission is to help you enjoy a high performance electric skateboard with ease. Enjoy all the benefits and leave us to deal with all the confusing details and headaches. We give you a step by step process to build your electric skateboard with video tutorials to assist you. You get an electric skateboard that gives you full freedom and control for an easy to repair (repair-ability) and easy to upgrade (upgrade-ability) high performance electric skateboard.

  2. The Best Electric Skateboard Platform - Buy an electric skateboard without proprietary components that will last you years to come. Get more usage and life span from your electronics. Read here to learn more. (Coming soon)

  3. Easy To Use, No Confusion and No Headaches - We offer step by step video tutorials from start to finish. Buy an electric skateboard kit with everything you need without wasting money on incorrect and incompatible parts and getting the best products. Read here to learn more. (Coming soon)

  4. Upgrade-ability - Most electric skateboards are designed to be affordable and not upgradeable and don’t have a long lifespan. We are DIY Electric Skateboard at heart and the ability to upgrade an electric skateboard is a must have. It allows you to upgrade your board in the future without having to buy an entirely new electric skateboard. Read here to learn more. (Coming soon)

  5. Repair-ability - Most electric skateboards are designed for affordability and have proprietary components that make it difficult to repair. We design our product with easy repair-abillity in mind and we include step by step instructions to fix with ease. Read here to learn more.  (Coming soon)

  6. Plug & Play - All of our components are plug and play and designed to be easy to repair. Read here to learn more. (Coming soon)

  7. High Performance - Our Electric Skateboard Kit are designed to be best solution for a high performance electric skateboard at a great price giving you the best platform to upgrade and repair if needed for future cost savings. Read here to learn more. (Coming soon)

  8. High Quality Parts & Durability - All of our products are designed with our DIY Platform in mind which means we prefer to have higher quality parts for reliability and durability over simply focusing on offering cheaper products. Read here to learn more. (Coming soon)

  9. Reliability & Safety - As a DIY based company, we prefer quality, durability and reliability over simply offering cheap products.

  10. US Based Retailer - We are located in Dallas, TX and ship out our products Monday through Friday within the same day. Purchasing from a US retailer allows for better access to better warranty and faster shipping times.

  11. Customer Support - We offer exceptional customer support and each and every product has proper documentation with step by step video tutorials to assist you. We pro-actively upgrade all of our tutorials to get you the information you need fast and quickly.

  12. Fast Shipping - All items that are in stock and ready to ship are shipped out within the next business day. Our shipping team is waiting and ready to ship out your order from Monday - Friday, every weekday of the week.

  13. Six Month Warranty - All of our products have a six month warranty.

  14. Risk Free Guarantee - Our goal is to continuously improve our efforts in making sure that your electric skateboard experience is risk free. We strive to continuously make things easier to use, no confusing parts and no headaches making things work. We design them to be easy to use. We have step by step video tutorials to guide you through the entire process.

  15. Our Guarantee - Thank You for the taking the time to read about what makes us different. It’s our promise that we will continuously work towards providing and building the best electric skateboard platform for our customers and improving our process to make it more simple (no confusion, no headaches).

Are You Ready To Ride?

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