Why Ride An Electric Skateboard?

Experience the ultimate thrill and convenience and why you should ride an electric skateboard. Discover the joy, effortless travel, high speed adventures and save hours in commuting to work, school or errands.

What reasons would you ride an electric skateboard? Well, there are many great reasons why an electric skateboard can literally change the way you live.

We’ll give you the 8 top reasons why you should ride an electric skateboard and how it will enhance your life.

1. Commute to Work or School

Electric Skateboards are the best vehicle for commuting they check all the boxes for being the most portable electric vehicle with exceptional battery life (20-25+ mile range) with amazing top speeds of 30-35+mph. Cruise at 10-15mph or smash the throttle to reach top speeds of 30-35mph on the open roads.

Now you can look forward to enjoying your morning commute to work, school or just make excuses to get your errands done. Get to your destination faster and have fun doing it.

Are there hills on your commute? No sweat, easily power up hills with ease as these electric skateboards can climb a 30 degree incline. Navigate through the hordes of traffic and bypass crowded sidewalks to hop on the street then back onto the sidewalks if needed.

2. Travel With Distance

The amount of distance you can cover on an electric skateboard riding 20-35mph is outstanding. Within 30 minutes, you could easily cover a 10-15 mile distance vs walking at an average speed of about 3mph you’ll typically only cover about 1-1.5 miles walking for 30 minutes.

Nearly, almost 10 times the distance and so much more fun riding an electric skateboard! You can easily hold an electric skateboard and bring it into the store or into work with you.

You'll be amazed at how much distance you cover on an electric skateboard and how more practical it is getting around a city vs walking.

3. Portable Convenience

Electric skateboards are the perfect lightweight vehicle to get around the city without having to worry about traffic or parking. They are extremely portable and easy to carry when you’re not riding while saving you time and money. It’s the best and perfect electric vehicle that’s portable enough for you to take on public transportation.

More portable than an ebike, bike or anything similar. It fits in your car, take it to a store, bring it into the office and it allows you to travel at exhilarating speeds of 20-30+ mph when you need it and travel 5-10 times what you’re feet wouldn’t want to walk. It’s a no brainer why you would want to use an electric skateboard for the ultimate portable electric vehicle for your everyday errands or making your morning commute a joyful ride.

4. Affordable and Worth The Cost

Electric Skateboards are extremely affordable and worth the cost. If you’re using it to commute a typical bus ride can be $2.25 one way. For a round trip, you’re nearly at $5/day with 5 working days per week that’s almost $25 per week not only you have to waste countless hours waiting for the bus to find out that they missed your stop. Within a year with time and bus savings, the cost of your electric skateboard will actually save you money. It’s convenient and efficient to get you from Point A to Point B of your destination.

The TORQUEBOARDS Street Kit is an affordable high performance electric skateboard and due to our plug and play modules and our upgrade-ability platform. We offer additional add-ons if you want to experience a new board without having to ditch your current electric skateboard and re-purchase an entirely new electric skateboard.

This allows you to have more flexibility and get a longer lifespan from your electric skateboard than typical pre-built electric skateboards that are designed as single-use electric skateboards.

5. Little To No Maintenance, Plug and Play Modules

Yes, we’ve designed the easy and perfect electric skateboard kit with little to no maintenance for the new or experienced user, so you can spend more time riding and less time worrying about repairs.

There are only a few parts to for an electric skateboard so we’ve built an electric skateboard that you can easily repair and replace parts with ease as everything is built as plug and play modules. 

This means replacing a part is simple and easy and paired with our step by step video tutorials. You’ll be able to repair your electric skateboard in no time flat and ultimately with less confusion and headaches. No need to wait weeks to get your electric skateboard repaired.

6. Eco-Friendly

Electric skateboards are electric which is a more environmentally friendly transportation option other then cars or motorcycles or even an archaic old school gas electric skateboard. No smelly fumes to inhale on your ride to work or school. These electric skateboards are electric with regenerative braking and they are extremely affordable to re-charge.

Not only are they eco-friendly but they are extremely compact for their size.

7. Fun and Recreation

Electric skateboards are such a thrill to ride. It’s an exhilarating experience to cruise at speeds of 10-15mph and gun it to 30mph with the option of using electric regenerative braking to slow you down and stop. You’ll be making excuses to get outside and explore the city while enjoying the scenery.

Ride around at cruising speeds or throttle to top speeds and enjoy the wind in your face. Finally, you’ll have a reason to get out of the house and complete all those errands and chores that you’ve been procrastinating on.


With so many benefits and advantages, it’s a no brainer why electric skateboards are all the hype and why they are insanely fun to ride. If you’re looking to get around town, commute to work insanely fast with a grin on your face or just want to have some weekend fun.

The TORQUEBOARDS Street is worth considering. You’ll enjoy a more versatile and enjoyable way to get around the city whether to commute for recreation or just fun.

So why wait? Order your TORQUEBOARDS Street today and start experiencing the freedom and excitement of electric skateboarding. Expand your footprint and discover more of your surrounding area on an electric skateboard.