Why Build A DIY Electric Skateboard?

Wow.. Where do we start?

There's really just so many insanely great ideas on why it's soooo much better to build a DIY Electric Skateboard off of a modular platform.

Currently, there are a few different segments available in the Electric Skateboard Market.

You have the following categories which we've broken up..

1. Really BAD, Ultra Cheap China Boards

2. Decent, Ultra Cheap China Boards

3. Ultra Cheap DIY Boards

4. High Quality DIY Boards

5. Pre-Built Electric Skateboards

Then there are other reasons why it's such a great idea to build your own DIY Electric Skateboard such as...

1. More Bang For Your Buck

2. Upgrade-ability

3. Repair-ability

4. High Performance Parts

5. Wide Range of Accessories, Parts and Configurations

We'll basically discuss each section and the pros and cons of each. Ideally, this should help with you finding out exactly what the best setup is for you.

Without further ado.. let's get on it with!

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