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    Learn more about typical questions they you may have about DIY Electric Skateboard. We list all commonly asked questions. If you have a question that has not been answered, please feel free to contact us at help@diyelectricskateboard.com.

    shipping questions

    Can you ship to my country?

    We ship all our products worldwide. Certain products such as batteries cannot be shipped worldwide but all other parts are available to ship worldwide.

    If I order today, when will my parts ship?

    If your order has been received along with your payment. We do our best to get all order shipped out within 1-2 business days. If any issues or custom requirements your shipment could be delayed until those issues are resolved.We will do our best to get your shipment out as soon as we can. Our warehouse and shipment team are open 5 days a week to provide exceptional shipping speeds to you.

    What is the cost for shipping?

    We have flat rate shipping costs.

    USA - All orders are $10 flat rate shipping cost.

    International - All orders are $40 flat rate shipping cost.

    If your order is over $300+. You may qualify for free shipping. You can use "freeship" as a coupon code to waive the shipping cost.

    Do I have to pay an important tax for my country?

    You may be required to pay an import tax for importing products within your country. You'll need to find out what your import tax rate would be and the cost associated with that.

    We unfortunately don't have any control over the import fees or taxes that you may have to pay.

    If your order is returned due to import tax reasons. The customer is liable for all shipping costs associated in shipping your order.


    Do you offer financing?

    You can purchase through financing by using Paypal Credit.

    We do accept Paypal as a form of payment and this can be selected during the checkout process.

    We are always looking for other options to allow our customers the ability to finance their purchase.

    Do you offer a sponsorship?

    Not everybody would be qualified for a sponsorship but we may be interested if you have a social audience. Send us an email help@diyelectricskateboard.com and let us know more about your social audience reach and your engagement levels.An alternative option would be to join our affiliate program if you are interested you can email us at help@diyelectricskateboard.com and we'll get you joined into our program.

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    Can anyone ride an electric skateboard?

    Yes, almost anyone can ride an electric skateboard. It may seem crazy or dangerous but an electric skateboard is 10X times easier to ride than an actual skateboard.

    You might ask, WHAT? HOW? WHY? is that possible. It's simple really..

    An Electric Skateboard has a handheld remote which will control your speed and also has the ability to use electric brakes. For these specific reasons, you have full control of your board at all times. You only control your speed to how fast you are safely capable of riding and you control your electric brakes to control your speed going downhill or if you want to safely stop. An electric skateboard simply goes forward and brakes which gives you the best control.

    How would you steer and direct your board? If you can move your hips, bend down or move your waist from side to side. You can easily control an electric skateboard. Control the direction of your board by leaning which would control the direction of your longboard trucks which will direct your board in the direction that you want it to go.

    Are electric skateboards waterproof?

    An Electric Skateboard isn't 100% waterproof but they are typically water resistant. You can ride them in water and wet roads but I would 100% avoid any puddles and not purposely go through any puddles to prevent any issues.

    The trick is to ride on only slight rainy streets (that don't accumulate puddles of water) and to pick your board up if there is a water puddle and then continue when there are no puddles of water.

    Your Electric Skateboard relies on traction and can be an issue in wet scenarios. I would ride well below your typical speed and always know that something can go wrong when riding in rain. That way you are aware and can prevent serious issues from happening.

    Bearings will most definitely need to be replaced after time when riding in rain. As well as electronics becoming damaged due to water and moisture.

    Any issues associated by water are not covered within our warranties.

    Can I do tricks on an electric skateboard?

    Electric Skateboards are designed as electric transportation vehicles and cruising boards. They are perfect for short distance trips that would otherwise be a very long walk. Electric Skateboards are perfect for 5-10 mile trips.

    What is the maximum rider weight for an electric skateboard?

    Electric Skateboards are designed as electric transportation vehicles and cruising boards. They are perfect for short distance trips that would otherwise be a very long walk. Electric Skateboards are perfect for 5-10 mile trips.

    How fast is your electric skateboard?

    Our electric skateboards can reach about 25-30+mph. We do have customers who are able to build and ride electric skateboards that reach 35-40+mph. However, riding at those speeds is not something which we recommend.


    If I have a problem will you fix it?

    We do our best to assist our customers with any problems which they may have. We are constantly improving our customer support process to provide a seamless experience to our customers. The best way to get assistance with your issues is to email our support team at help@diyelectricskateboard.com.

    Do you have a warranty?

    Yes, we typically offer a manufacturer warranty for all parts. You can see our warranty located on this page here.