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    DIY Electric Skateboard Tutorials

    What Electric Skateboard Parts Do I Need? Build Plan?

    Looking for Electric Skateboard Parts?

    We have a wide selection of High Performance Electric Skateboard Parts. Typically, our electric skateboard parts are meant for building your own high performance electric skateboard. We've included a brief explanation of the type of parts which we carry in stock ready to ship out to you.

    Single Motor Mechanical Kit - A single motor mechanical kit contains all the mechanical parts you need to build your electric skateboard. It's one of the most crucial parts to make it work properly. You'll still require an esc, motor, battery and a remote to complete your build.

    Dual Motor Mechanical Kit - A dual motor mechanical kit contains the mechanical parts to build a dual motor electric skateboard. The dual motor electric skateboard using our TorqueBoards 180mm Trucks can run Dual 6355 190KV Motors for extreme hill climbing power. If you want even more power, you can use our TorqueBoards 218mm Trucks and run Dual 6374 190KV Motors for insane hill climbing power and ludicrous torque.

    Electric Skateboard Motor Mounts - We offer our MilSpec 7075 Aluminum Motor Mounts in 3 colors - Black, Red, Blue.

    Electric Skateboard Battery - Checkout our High Performance 18650 Custom Electric Skateboard Battery Pack options using Samsung 30Q 18650 Battery Cells.

    Learn How To Build An Electric Skateboard Guide [2017]

    Welcome to our Beginner's Guide on How To Build An Electric Skateboard. Our lessons in this guide will help walk you through learning how to build an electric skateboard as well as learning how to fix and maintain your own electric skateboard. We try to teach from a standpoint of someone who is a beginner in this new and exciting hobby. It is fairly simple to create once you fully understand the components that are required. Deciding on a DIY Electric Skateboard can be a bit confusing and difficult at first. We'll give you a brief introduction on the different types of electric skateboard builds and setups which you can create and the benefits of one electric skateboard setup over another. On our website, we offer a few high performance electric skateboard kit which would be a full conversion kit with details on additional parts which you may need to complete your build. Depending on your requirements for an electric skateboard we can then decide on what components to choose for building out your diy electric skateboard for your own needs. I would suggest starting from the beginning and learn what is an electric skateboard, best electric skateboard, buying an electric skateboard, electric skateboard conversion kit, different electric skateboard builds, electric skateboard parts, electric skateboard builds, electric skateboard motor, high performance electric skateboard, electric skateboard battery and much more. We hope you enjoy this guide! Please share it with your friends. If you have any questions or are looking for more guides and tutorials feel free to leave us a comment below and we'll do our best to help you.

    Electric Skateboard Basics

    • What is an Electric Skateboard or Electric Longboard?
    • What components make an Electric Longboard Skateboard?
    • Can I Upgrade My Electric Skateboard X Brand?
    • Should I use a Single Motor or Dual Motor Electric Skateboard?
    • What are the benefits of a Dual Motor Electric Skateboard?
    • Which should I choose a Dual Diagonal Motor Electric Skateboard or Dual Rear Motor Electric Skateboard?
    • Why are Electric Skateboards so expensive?
    • Buying An Electric Skateboard in 2017? What To Look For?
    • What Do I Do Now For My Electric Skateboard Build?

    What Are The Best DIY Electric Skateboard Components?

    • What's The Best DIY Electric Skateboard Setup For Me?
    • How To Choose An Electric Skateboard Deck
    • How To Choose An Electric Skateboard Motor
    • How To Choose An Electric Skateboard Wheels
    • How To Choose An Electric Skateboard (ESC) Electronic Speed Controller
    • How To Choose An Electric Skateboard Remote
    • How To Choose An Electric Skateboard Battery
    • How to Build Your First DIY Electric Skateboard
    • How To Choose An Electric Skateboard Motor Mount

    How To Build Your Electric Longboard Skateboard

    • Choosing A Longboard Deck For Your Electric Skateboard
    • How To Mount A Motor For Your Electric Skateboard
    • Understanding The Electrical Drive Wheel System
    • Recommended Electric Longboard Skateboard Setups
    • I don’t have enough money to buy an Electric Skateboard
    • Introduction to Electric Skateboards
    • Electric Skateboard Kit
    • Electric Longboard Skateboard Parts Diagram
    • Planning Your Electric Skateboard Build
    • Why Should You Build Your Own Electric Skateboard?
    • Choose The Right Electric Skateboard Deck
    • All About Electric Skateboard Motors
    • All About Electric Skateboard Batteries
    • All About Electric Skateboard Speed Controllers
    • All About Electric Skateboard Wireless Remote Controllers
    • Assembling Your Own Kit
    • Install Your Electric Skateboard Trucks
    • Mounting Your Electrical Components
    • Electrical Connectors and Soldering
    • Pre-First Ride Safety Check and Routine
    • Electric Longboard Skateboard Glossary and Terms
    • Installing A Battery Enclosure
    • Replacing The ESC Controller
    • Replacing The Battery
    • Removing The Battery Box
    • Wheel Replacement
    • Reducing Rattling Sounds
    • Cleaning Your Electric Longboard Skateboard
    • Belt Replacement

    Electric Skateboard Batteries

    DIY Electric Skateboard Product Instructions

    How To Build Your Electric Skateboard

    Choosing A Longboard Deck For Your Electric Skateboard

    There are a few things to consider when choosing a longboard deck that you plan on using for an electric skateboard. The first most important thing is to remember that you will need clearance for your electrical components underneath your longboard deck. Other then that you can almost use any longboard deck. It is preferred to use a semi-flat deck to have the least complications. Decks similar to a Landyachtz Switch Blade with deep foot pockets aren’t ideal because of the odd shape underneath the deck. It simply doesn’t provide enough room for all your components. Flat or small concave decks are much more ideal since you can keep the motors in between the wheels rather than on the outside. Benefits of a smaller board and lighter board – A smaller board 28? to 30? board with less layers of plywood 5-7ply versus 8-9 ply would end up being a much lighter electric skateboard setup. You have to eventually decide on a happy medium for what type of electric skateboard riding that you are interested in. Read the full blog post ” How To Choose A Longboard Deck For An Electric Skateboard ” for more tips on choosing a longboard deck for your electric longboard setup.

    How To Mount A Motor For Your Electric Skateboard

    One of the most critical components for an electric skateboard is being able to mount a motor onto your trucks. This will hold the motor and allow a belt and pulley drive wheel system to push your longboard wheel forward. Doing it yourself can be time consuming and troublesome unless you are very good with tools and can make one that looks great. We currently sell a full welded motor mount which is attached to a pair of Paris clone type trucks. We have (2) different options which would be a single motor mechanical kit as well as a dual diagonal motor mechanical kit. The entire kit includes a pair of trucks, a set of (4) wheels and the entire drive train setup for either a single motor kit or dual diagonal motor kit.

    • Single Motor Mechanical Kit – $225
    • Dual Diagonal Motor Mechanical Kit – $325

    10S4P 25+ Mile Range Electric Skateboard

    We have our new EPOWER Packs specifically this is about our EPOWER Pack 10S4P. The battery pack itself has the dimensions of the pack.

    • 520mm x 144mm x 22mm in MM
    • 20.47" x 5.66" x 0.86" in INCHES
    We use a bigger enclosure to hold the 10S4P Electric Skateboard Battery and 2x VESCs + Receiver. The actual enclosure dimensions are as follows.
    • 645mm x 150mm x 28mm in MM
    • 25.39" x 5.90" x 1.10" in INCHES

    Requirements for a 10S4P setup

    • Motor Mount Inwards - 29" Wheelbase Minimum. Recommended 30"+ Wheelbase or longer.
      • Motor Mount is about 3" of the wheelbase.
    • Motor Mount Reverse - 26" Wheelbase Minimum. Recommended 27-28" Wheelbase or longer.
      • Motor Mount is facing the back side of the board. This means that you gain 3" wheelbase in the center but you can't kick your longboard up. You would have to grab it from the side to pick it up.

    Recommended Longboard Decks

    The following longboard decks I would recommend below.

    Inward Mount

    Recommended 30"+ Wheelbase. Stiff/Rigid Deck. No Drops. It's still possible to use the others but it's a risk you take.

    Reverse Mount or Hub Motor

    Recommended 26-27"+ Wheelbase.

    Configure The VESC Speed Controller v4.12

    The VESC is an Open Source Electronic Speed Controller designed by Benjamin Vedder. It's been a very popular ESC to retrofit our DIY Electric Skateboard. The reason why it is so popular and useful is due to it being a highly configurable ESC built from the ground up. Typically, we would use Car ESCs or RC ESCs to power our DIY Electric Skateboards. However, with the new VESC available we now get higher performance and more features. While everyone would like the VESC to be 100% plug and play - It technically is not. Many people have different builds, different motors and different voltages for their electric skateboard setup. You'll get much more out of it by configuring for your own setup. This guide will allow you to configure your own VESC safely and walk you through the general details to configure your setup. Please don't forget to read the VESC guide from the official website. [su_youtube url="" width="440"]

    Where To Buy The VESC

    You can buy the VESC from our website by clicking here VESC from us here at DIY Electric Skateboard. We are selling the VESC for $99 US Dollars. There is no warranty at this price point but this price is for those who are willing to get a high quality ESC without the added frills of the increased cost for a warranty.
    • 07/03/2016 - Batch #2, #3, #4 are v4.12 hardware w/ v4.18 firmware.
    We are working on having this as an in-stock item.

    How To Program the VESC

    There are many great tutorials for how to program the VESC, many aren't clearly written down and/or information is found all over the place. Our guide is for the hope to mostly help people configure their VESC's after purchasing one but we'll try to include much more information as well.

    How To Connect the VESC to your Computer

    The VESC which you purchased should usually come pre-flashed with the latest firmware v4.18 at the time of writing this article. To connect your VESC to your computer. You will need the following things.

    1. Power Source or Battery Power

    There are technically 3 different options to use for power source, plus more of course. You have the choice of using the following: Something to know.. When using power to power on your setup use the lowest voltage possible until you actually run your setup.

    1. DC Power Supply

    A DC Power Supply is workstation lab device which supplies power to your electronic components. "Power Supply" you can typically find from Amazon for about $50-$120 dollars. This isn't really needed but can be used. VESC DC Power Supply

    2. RC LiPo Packs

    The next option is an RC LiPo Pack. I'd recommend 3S to 6S if you have it. It's only to configure your VESC. You can run your normal voltage when riding. Worse comes to worse, you can use your full pack as well. The way that I have it setup is the following: VESC Battery Connection VESC On Off Switch       3. EPOWER Packs or SPACE Cell Packs   4. Custom Made Batteries  

    2. Mini USB Cable

    3. Computer - Linux, Windows, MacOSX

    VESC Instruction Resources

    TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Mini Remote Instructions

    These are the instructions to connect and install the TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Mini Remote Electric Skateboard Remote. You can purchase this item from our store which you can find here - Buy TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Mini Remote.

    Wiring Orientation

    Ground/Black/Brown pin wire connection is located on the left side horizontally. Typically, you would plug in the following:
    • CH1 - UBEC/Power
    • CH2 - ESC Signal Wire

    Binding Process

    To bind the RC Receiver and RC Transmitter, you will need to do the following:
    1. Turn off board
    2. Plug in ESC Jumper wire (anywhere)
    3. Remove prior ESC Signal Wire and only plug in UBEC/Power
    4. Turn on power
    5. Hold bind button on the RC Transmitter
    6. Turn off the RC Transmitter while holding bind.
    7. While holding bind, turn on the RC Transmitter.
    8. You should notice the RC Receiver go from flashing red to solid red after the bind process.
    9. Once you see a solid red light, you now know the two are binded together. You can test it again by turning off the controller and it should flash. If you turn the power on RC Transmitter back on it should go back to solid red.

    Throttle Setting

    Follow the throttle setting below as I find this setting to work the best. TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Mini Remote Throttle Adjustment