How To Update VESC Firmware

Hardware vs Firmware Version Numbers?

There are typically two main version numbers associated with a VESC® based ESC.

1. Hardware Version - The hardware version is the actual PCB Board and component version number. These are typically going to be v4.10, v4.12, v6.0 which are specific hardware versions numbers for the VESC®. Our TORQUE ESC Speed Controller is based off v4.12 hardware.

2. Firmware Version - The firmware version is the software that's loaded on top of the hardware. Ex. Windows, Mac OSX, etc. Currently, we have used v2.18 in the past and now the most recent would be v3.40 Firmware version.

So what does this mean?

Our TORQUE ESC Speed Controller includes the following pre-loaded onto the ESC Controller.

v4.12 Hardware (will show up as v4.10 on VESC Tool)
v3.40 Firmware (as of July 23 2018) (View Firmware Change Log)

I hope that gives a better understanding of the difference between a hardware and firmware version numbers.

How To Update VESC® Firmware

STEP 1 - Know the hardware version for the specific VESC® which you are using.

STEP 2 - Know the current firmware version for your VESC®. Check to see the changes for the latest firmware version.

STEP 3 - Download the latest VESC® Tool -

STEP 4 - Connect your VESC® to your computer using a mini or micro USB cable.

  1. VESC® Tool can only be used with Windows or Linux.

STEP 5 - Run/Open the VESC® Tool Software.

STEP 6 - Connect To Your VESC®

  1. Connecting to your VESC® will require a battery power to be connected to the VESC®.
  2. A Mini USB Cable will need to be connected from your computer to the VESC®.
  3. A Motor will need to be connected to your VESC.

Step 7 - Select Firmware on the left hand column.

Step 8 - Select the Hardware Version (for your VESC®). Select 410 & 411 & 412.

Step 9 - Select the Firmware Version. Select VESC_default.bin.

Step 10 - Select the Download Arrow Icon which will upload and install the latest firmware onto your VESC®.

Step 11 - Wait about 10 seconds, you'll see the VESC® updating. Once completed, your VESC® will disconnect and reboot. It should turn back on (if you have your computer sound on loud, you'll a beep or buzzer that it's connected). Once, that happens re-connect the VESC.

Step 12 - Once reconnected. Click on the Firmware option.

Your VESC® should now say the following on the VESC Firmware, Hardware and UUID Section.

Fw 3.40, Hw: 410

NOTE: This image does not show the proper screenshot on the Hardware and Firmware side and is simply only meant to point out where the information will be displayed.

Your all done! You have the latest firmware installed.

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