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    Electric Skateboard Batteries

    Electric Skateboard Battery EPOWER PACK 10S3P

    Electric Skateboard Battery EPOWER PACK 10S3P

    The new TorqueBoards EPOWER Pack 10S3P Electric Skateboard Battery Pack is the thinnest and most powerful battery pack used for a DIY Electric Skateboard Kit.

    All-In-One Integrated EPOWER Pack - Simple and Fast One-Plug Charging - Thin Profile - High EPOWER Output

    Electric Skateboard Battery EPOWER Pack 3D Model of 10S3P EPOWER Pack Electric Skateboard Battery Building your own custom 18650 lithium ion battery pack can be time consuming and can require tons of delicate research as well as expensive tools which you might only use once! This integrated All-In-One EPOWER Pack consists of many great key features for your Electric Skateboard.
    • 10S3P EPOWER Pack ($275 VALUE)
    • Built-in Battery % Indicator ($40 VALUE)
    • Built-in On/Off Switch ($60 VALUE)
    • One-Plug Charging - 2A Charger or our 4A Fast Charger. ($30 VALUE)
    • Built-in Battery Management System (BMS) ($60 VALUE)

    TorqueBoards EPOWER Pack 10S3P- Battery Pack Specifications

    • BMS is rated 30A Continuous Amp Output and 80A Peak Amp Output
    • 2A Charger can charge in 3-4 hours (typically 2-3 hours).
    • 4A Fast Charger can charge in 2-3 hours (typically 1-2 hours).
    • The battery has a total of 30 cells. 10 in Series and 3 Parallel groups of 10 cells.
    • We use only high quality imported 18650 cells!
    Cost $350 including FREE Worldwide Shipping.

    TorqueBoards EPOWER Pack 12S3P- Battery Pack Specifications

    Same specs as our 10S3P pack with Higher Voltage and higher capacity. Cost $425 including FREE Worldwide Shipping.

    Why should I charge RC packs in Parallel?

    If you use 12S LiPo and by using (2) 6S 5ah 20C Lipo Packs. Because, 12S chargers are hard to come by. You can't find a RC LiPo charger for 12S. Most chargers are 1S to 6S. Also safer since you are using 6S voltage versus 12S voltage - Capacity itself whther or not it is 5ah or 30ah or 60ah doesn't affect voltage or matter as far as safety wise - besides if you short the packs 60ah would last much longer but it's 6S 22.2v versus 12S 44.4v.

    Do I turn on my RC LiPo Charger on first or after I connect in parallel?

    You can power on the charger before connecting the discharge wires and balance cables. But I always mention to power charger on last to prevent any mistakes. Not sure why he mentions it must be on because it doesn't have to be on. I don't see any benefit. The main benefit of powering everything on after is when I plug in my iCharger 208B it will read the pack and tell me the Lipo Cell. If I do it the other way and power on charger first - I'll have to mainly change my pack to 4S or 5S depending on what it is. I'm not sure on the correct method but I find that powering after I plug in is more then adequate, safer and easier.