Basic DIY Electric Longboard Wiring Setup

How To Wire (2) Lipo Packs in Series with an On/Off High Voltage Power Switch

diy electric skateboard wiring The photo above is basic wiring of a DIY Electric Longboard Setup for a single motor. The process is fairly simple.


  • ashley copas

    how big should the on/off high voltage switch be in terms of amps /voltage, and how does the small led on/of switch in the circuit not get blown or melted from the high voltage/amps in the circuit, my set up is a 2x 5000mah, 4S 20c, in series(14.7v to 29.4V), to a 150amp esc, to a 190kv brushless electric motor, any and all info on this wiring setup would be greatly appreciated

  • marcin

    can you post for dual motor

  • Emmet

    To connect the esc to the on/off switch what do you have to do to the wires that come from the esc in order to plug them into the on/off switch

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