Bolt On Motor Mounts - Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

Hey DIY Eboarders! There hasn't been a post in a long while but we've been working really hard to offer the latest and greatest electric skateboard parts to build better custom electric skateboards. It definitely does take some time to go from design to production and we are happy to say we are very close to finishing the production for our new electric skateboard bolt on kits.

Visit product page -> TorqueBoards Bolt On Motor Mount v1

We love the welded option. You don't know how much we abuse and trash our motor mounts out here on the streets of San Francisco with the abundance of pot holes. We are making our Bolt On Motor Mount as durable by using 7075 Aluminum and thick clamping adapters onto our trucks. There are many reasons we have added a bolt on kit to our product list.

1. Freedom & Flexibility

2. Cost Savings

3. Eye Catching Colorways

Made from 7075 Aluminum! These trucks are amazing and should be as durable if not more durable than our Welded Mount options with the following benefits: Freedom & Flexibility, Cost Savings, Eye Catching Colorways! [su_divider top="no" style="dotted" divider_color="#000000" link_color="#ffffff" size="1" margin="10"]

Freedom & Flexibility Electric Skateboard Motor Mounts

Now, you can purchase a single or dual motor mount and have true flexibility on deciding your own setup with ease!!! 360 Degree Motor Placement Rotation - You can now fully rotate the angle of your motors to ride towards the inner of the deck and/or outward of the deck to ride even lower to the ground. Feel free to modify your setup and try both and figure out exactly what you enjoy riding! Interchangeable Truck Mounting - Mount your motors on the left side and/or right side. Interchangeable Truck Adapters - Use these trucks with Caliber Trucks and/or Paris Trucks with more Truck Adapters coming soon. Single Motor Bash Plate - Coming Soon! Dual Rear Support Rods - Coming Soon!

In Progress Photos!!!

Estimate within 1-2 weeks we should receive the new product! Electric Skateboard Bolt On Motor Mounts 2 Electric Skateboard Motor Mounts      


  • Brendan Russell

    Hello how much for a full kit to turn a standard longboad to a electric one

  • Chris

    When can I get them? How much

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