New DIY Electric Skateboard 50mm E-Power Sensored Motors 5065 170KV

DIY Electric Skateboard presents the E-Power Electric Skateboard Motors.

Checkout our new High Performance 50mm E-Power Electric Skateboard Motors! We've added a ton of great new features to our motors which make it less work when building your own high performance Electric Skateboard build. No longer do you need to buy RC Brushless Motors which are not made for our specific application of using them on a torque driven electric skateboard. Hobby store brushless motors do not come with extended motor shafts and/or keyways and flat spots built into the motor itself as their main intention for the motor was for RC airplanes. Our high performance 50mm E-Power Electric Skateboard motors are designed for your very own high performance Electric Skateboard build. No need to fidget with a dremmel or filer to carve your own keyway, sand or file down your own flat spot.  Our E-Power motors come built in with all the features wanted in a high performance Electric Skateboard Motor.
  • Sensored E-Power Motor - The new 50mm motors are sensored ESC motors which will help get rid of the normal kick push that most DIY Electric Skateboards were previously use too. We 5065 motor houses an internal PCB with hall sensors 120 degrees apart and work with our Sensored 6S and 12S Electric Skateboard ESCs.
  • 35mm Extra Long Motor Shafts - Our motor shafts are now 35mm in total length. This allows you to use 9mm belts or 15mm belts and fit the entire motor pulley on the motor shaft for added torque pull.
  • 25mm Extra Long Keyway - New motor pulleys and E-Power motor shaft now have room for a 25mm keyway. The 25mm keyway will provide additional torque pull. The keyway also prevents your motor pulley from rotating around the motor shaft.
  • 29mm Extra Long Flat Spot - Our new motor shafts include a built in flat spot which provide a flat and stable location for your set screw to grab onto to prevent horizontal shifting of the motor pulley around your motor shaft. No need to use your file or dremmel to create a flat spot anymore!
  • High Torque E-Power High Voltage Motors with Low KV - Low KV provides higher torque for the end user. Our motors were specifically designed for users who are interested in running high voltage batteries for increased motor efficiency. With a 10S/12S high voltage battery setup, your setup can run up to 35mph per hour and/or run with a greater amount of torque and a capped top speed to your liking.
  • Extra Durable Protective Wiring Sheath - We made these motors extra durable by providing protective wiring around the motor phase wires.
E-Power Electric Skateboard Motor E-Power Electric Longboard 50mm Motors   E-Power Electric Skateboard Motor Shaft   E-Power Motors w/ Protective Sheath Keyway Slot for E-Power Electric Skateboard Motor  


  • Braylon

    My wired nyko nunchuck will not fit into my wiiciever and not becuase of surrounding plastic. will i have a problem with the wireless one i ordered? Its a karma will it fit? …..

    Also the wiiciever on your site has 3 gold tabs on the nunchuck connection and iz red mine only has 2 and is green do i need another piece to make the nunchuck attach to wiiciever please respond soon as possible thank you

  • Anthony

    What are the specs on the motor (the max power and esc amps)?

  • Aleksey

    That looks like a one powerful motor! Do you have specs, availability and pricing on these yet?

  • Ben

    Looking good. Do you have a date for availability? Can’t see them in the shop.

    Also, I understand they would work with a VESC without too much trouble right? I was thinking using one in a 6S build. Waiting on the rest of the parts. How much does one weight?


    @Ben – Yes, Ben. They will work with VESC. I will actually send Ben a few motors that way he can test as well. Not too sure on the weight yet but I’ll double check the weight once I receive the shipment. They should be shipped out on Monday.

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