Electric Longboard Drive Train Setup

What is an Electric Longboard Drive Train Setup?

A drive train is a system of components that generate power and deliver it to the ground. In our case, our drive train is specifically for an Electric Longboard hence the name. The most common types of drive train systems that we can use for our application would be chain driven (like a bicycle) and/or a belt and pulley drive train. I personally opt for the belt and pulley drive train and it is much quieter and a bit easier to get working. Fastest-Electric-Longboard   This picture above is a drive train setup with two pulleys and a belt. Very simple pulley system which is not complicated at all. A simple belt and pulley system is very common for many different applications.

How Does It Work?

It works because there is a smaller pulley on the actual motor shaft. It is held on by either one or two set screws. There is then either an adapter/contraption/drive wheel hub that you would use to somehow put another bigger pulley on the drive wheel. You simply then wrap a belt around both pulleys and if the belt is tight enough. If you spin the motor the belt will move with it. Simple enough! Right?

Gearing Ratio

The most important part of setting up a drive train system is knowing what you plan on using for your gearing ratio. The gearing ratio is dependent on the size of your wheels, power of the motor and the ideal speed that you want to reach. I have done all the guess work and have a setup which is simple and easy. You simply just bolt it onto your setup.

The Simple Way!

The current setup is tried and tested and I have successfully put over 600 miles on this setup. The setup is simply (1) motor pulley (1) drive wheel pulley and (1) pulley belt. There are also fasteners/bolts that are included which will go through the drive wheel pulley and secured on the other end with nylon nuts. Electric Longboard Drive Train  

Further Upgrades

I am looking at testing different setups in the future to see if there are better setups for an electric skateboard. I think a wider belt and a smaller pitch/teeth should be more durable and reliable. There should be more pull since it's wider and less wear and tear since it's a more wider belt pulley. Will update this post once I move forward. As for now, we will be having this drive train for sale soon!

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