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DIY Electric Skateboard presents the latest and greatest TorqueBoards E-POWER Motors. We offer high quality, high performance brushless outrunner motors designed for high performance electric skateboards. There are two main diameter's available for our motors which are 50mm electric skateboard motors and 63mm electric skateboard motors. They range from different lengths from 55mm and 74mm in length. Our motors are recommended because of the obvious benefits such as an extended axle for "12mm width belt drive setups" as well as a keyway, dual cir-clip and dual flat spots to secure your motor pulley to your motor. These main features are not available for your typical Brushless RC Outrunner Motors.

Electric Skateboard Motor 6355

Electric Skateboard Motor 5055

Electric Skateboard Motor 6374

What Electric Skateboard Motor Is Best For My Setup?

Why Are TorqueBoards E-POWER Motors High Quality?

Our new motors are very affordable with all the high quality and high performance upgrades which you would need. The new standard for our motors are manufactured from the highest quality components with state of the art CNC machines. Every component was designed to provide a long lasting, high performance motor which you can use and abuse to gain tremendous amounts of power and torque. DIY Electric Skateboard strives to offer high performance electric skateboard parts at an affordable price offering a total performance package. With multiple KV options available to suit your build needs from 170KV, 190KV and 230KV. Built for high quality and high performance, we use N45SH/NdFeB magnets which are built to handle high temperatures. Motors can handle high temperature heat and motor windings are rated for 180°C / 356°F. For further high quality specs checkout "Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy TorqueBoards EPOWER Motors".

Top Reasons Why You Should Buy TorqueBoards EPOWER Motors

All of our motors have amazing features which make this motor hands down the best motor for your electric skateboard.
  • Maximum Sized Stator - We fit the biggest stator in our motors that we can fit for the given length sizes which are 55mm and 74mm length motors.
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