Electric Skateboard Safety Consideration

These are things to know before you start riding your electric skateboard. Please be smart, cautious and learn how to ride your electric skateboard even without the powered brakes.

Always Wear A Helmet

You may become comfortable riding your electric skateboard but it is always recommend to always wear a helmet. It only takes one time for you to get extremely injured and if you aren't wearing your helmet it can end up bad. I always suggest even if you don't need it - wear your helmet. Your brain is an important part of you and you do not want to hurt or injure it. Be safe and wear your helmet!

Your Electric Skateboard Can Lose Power And Your Electric Brakes

There are chances that your electric skateboard can lose power to your electric brakes due to a wireless radio interference, dead controller batteries, loose connection, dropping the controller or other issues. If this does happen, your board will now coast and remain as a regular unpowered skateboard. You must learn and know how to stop comfortably without power and brakes to prevent injuries to occur.

The Remote Controller Throttle Is Sensitive

The remote controller has a very sensitive throttle and any slight pull on the throttle can result in a jolt of power on your board. Starting off, you want to be able to gradually ease into the throttle to prevent yourself from falling off the board and to gain your balance. These electric skateboards are very powerful and can easily throw you off from underneath the board. Please learn how much power the entire throttle range is able to pull you and brake before going at higher speeds. Once you are comfortable than you can have some fun and enjoy the responsiveness of an electric skateboard. If you are not fully balanced and pull the throttle down to low to fast and you can easily lose balance and fall off. Please ride with caution and focus to prevent injuries.

Riding Uphill And Reaching High Speeds

Riding uphill and reaching high speeds can be very dangerous without focus and caution. Always think two steps ahead and know what to do at all times in-case of an emergency. Always pay attention to the floor underneath you cracks and potholes can be a terrible thing to experience and you can easily fly off your board.

People/You Can Get Hurt - Cars, Vehicles & People

Be safe and cautious. There's no need to rush as your life and other lives are worth more than a few minutes of time. If you feel it is not safe to ride in a particular area, please pick up your electric skateboard and either wait and/or continue riding in a safer area. Your life and others are not worth losing over a few minutes of being late and/or being in a rush. Also assume that 99.9% of cars do not recognize you at all. Especially, when making right handed turns. Assume they do not know you are there and stop. Let them turn and then continue on.

Thank You!

We at DIYElectricSkateboard.com - Thank you in advance for remaining safe and enjoying what we enjoy most "riding electric skateboards". Safety isn't an exiting part of everything but it is something to be considered - considering the sport/hobby that we are all in. Remaining safe is a smart thing to do as your life is important.

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  • Carlos

    Can we purchase or are we able to turn it to a hardwire control instead of a wireless ?

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