Longest Range for Electric Skateboard Longboard

How To Calculate Your Max Distance On An Electric Skateboard

Do you need to cover long distances for either commuting or just fun? The way to calculate the range of your electric skateboard would be the following below: [su_note]The average is 5Wh = .31 miles or .49 km[/su_note] On average riding speed and with a 180-190lb rider with medium acceleration using an Electric Skateboard setup with 83mm wheels with medium acceleration.

How To Calculate Your Batteries Watt Hours or Wh

Ideally, the typical batteries which we use for DIY Electric Skateboards are RC LiPo batteries specifically from HobbyKing. The calculation is as such: [su_note]6S x 3.7V x 5ah = 111 watt hours 8S x 3.7V x 5ah = 148 watt hours 8S x 3.7V x 10ah = 296 watt hours[/su_note] A quicker way to calculate would be to know the total nominal voltage of your LiPo pack. 6S = 22.2V 22.2V x the capacity of the pack in ah. In this case 5ah = 22.2v x 5ah = 111 Watt Hours or 111 Wh

How To Calculate Your LiPo Batteries Nominal Voltage

The calculation is simply (the number of cells in series) x 3.7v (the nominal voltage for LiPo battery chemistry).

Lipo Series x 3.7 Nominal = Pack's Total Nominal Voltage

[su_note]6S x 3.7V = 22.2v 8S x 3.7V = 29.6v 10S x 3.7V = 37v 12S x 3.7V = 44.4v[/su_note]

Increase Longer Distance Range on your Electric Skateboard

1. Increase distance by increasing on board watt hours

The most simple method of increasing distance is by increasing watt hours for your on-board battery. You can increase board watt hours or Wh by adding more battery in series and/or in parallel. Increasing the voltage of your on-board battery pack. Increasing capacity (mah) of your on-board battery pack. Pros
  • Much more power
  • Much more range
  • Higher cost
  • More complication
  • Heavier electric skateboard
  • Higher voltage packs 8S/10S/12S
  • Higher capacity packs 5.5ah/8ah/10ah/12ah

2. Increase distance by swapping battery packs

Another option which is my favorite would be swapping battery packs. I tend to personally not like the added weight on my board. This is specifically due to the nature of why I ride an electric skateboard. I ride my diy electric skateboard for commuting purposes. Ideally, I prefer not to have a heavy board as it does make it very difficult walking into stores and/or carry around. I do carry a backpack and it's much easier to carry spare batteries in a backpack. I can also take out any packs which I don't need to lessen my backpack weight. Pros
  • Lighter Electric Skateboard
  • Cheaper battery packs
  • An easy to open enclosure is needed to swap batteries quickly.
  • Hassle of swapping packs in inconvenient locations. Ex. On the floor versus On a Bench.
Examples I carry (3) sets of (2 packs) of 4S 5000mah Hardcase 20C LiPo's. This will give me 148Wh x 3. 148Wh / 5Wh (our average) x .31 miles = 9.176 miles per pack x 3 = 27.52 miles give or take. TOTAL - 3 sets of 8S 5ah will allow for 27.52 miles.

3. Increase distance by using less Wh or power

The other option is to push kick more often and/or be a bit more calm on full throttle and full brakes right away.  

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