New Electric Longboard Truck Colors! No Additional Costs For Now!

[su_box title="No colors, currently available." style="glass" box_color="#ec0705"]All current colors are sold out. We are working on a next batch and will provide colors as a standard option in the future. Please email us with what colors you would prefer.[/su_box] We have these new awesome colors that are now available in the single motor and dual motor. If we don't have them colored at the moment it will take a bit of time to get them done. They're pretty awesome though. Currently, there won't be any additional costs if you want these colored although they do take a tremendous amount of time. I currently just enjoy seeing them in color and would be happy for others to enjoy it as well. We have 3 colors available!
  1. Black Charcoal
  2. Candy Teal Blue
  3. Candy Green
Leave a comment if you are looking for a specific color. I'd be glad to hear from you guys! [gallery link="file"]  


  • Ray

    How much for black welded trucks?

  • tim

    What is the pricing for candy green?

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