Recommended LiPo Battery Setups

Should I Use 6S Or 8S Battery Pack?

You can choose to either use a 6S Lipo battery pack and/or an 8S Lipo battery pack. The difference between the two is voltage. More voltage = more power and/or higher start up torque and higher mph end speed. A typical 5000mah battery pack should last about 6 to 8 miles range depending on rider weight, speed, terrain and much more. Typically that's what you would expect per 5000mah about 6 miles.

What Type Of Battery Should I Get For 6S?

For 6S, I would recommend either 5000mah or 8000mah and we will be using (2) 3S battery packs to reduce the height of the actual lipo battery pack. Much thinner is better. We will be using 4mm HXT connectors for our pre-made electrical connectors.

How To Convert 5.5mm Bullet Connectors To 4mm HXT Connectors

What you can do if you prefer to use 8000mah battery pack. You can unsolder the 5.5mm bullet connectors and connect 4mm HXT connectors to them. A bit more work if you are typically looking for a plug and play kit.

What Type Of Battery Should I Get For 8S?

For 8S, I would also recommend either 5000mah or 8000mah. We will use (2) 4S lipo battery packs to reduce the thickness height of the lipo packs. Once again we are going to use 4mm HXT connectors for the ends of our packs.

How To Increase Additional Mileage, Range Or Distance?

The easiest way to increase mileage, range or distance is to increase your capacity which is the "mah" amount. 5000mah is less than 8000mah. 10,000mah or 10ah is more than 8000mah or 8ah. The cheapest LiPo battery packs by far are the You will need (2) of the 3S 5000mah Zippy packs above and wire in a series to equal a 6S battery pack. I typically carry 3 or 4 sets of these 3S 5000mah Zippy LiPo packs. If I average about 6 to 8 miles per set. With 3 sets (6 LiPo Battery Packs) I would have about 18 miles to 24 miles of range. I tend to carry these extra packs in a backpack.

Why Do We Use (2) 3S LiPo Battery Packs vs (1) 6S LiPo Battery Pack?

The reason for this is very simple. A usual 6S 5000mah LiPo battery pack has a height or thickness of about 48mm. 48mm equals 1.88" this means that the battery pack will be almost 2" thick underneath your longboard deck. Typically, we don't want this (I don't personally). You can use it if you want but personally I prefer to have a much thinner electronics enclosure to be farther away from the ground. The 3S 5000mah LiPo pack listed above has a height or thickness of 25mm. 25mm is equal to .98" inches which means my enclosure would be closer to about 1" in height underneath my longboard deck.

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