Welded Electric Skateboard Motor Mounts - 180mm Paris Trucks

Hi Electric Skateboard Fans, I have finally created a welded motor mount that is usable with Paris Trucks. You simply, have to get them welded from a local aluminum welder which should cost $30-$40 for a pair of two trucks or less. These welded motor mounts are for 63mm motors with a 32mm bolt spacing. They are made from 6061 Aluminum and 1/4" Thick. They are very sturdy and durable. I would highly recommend buying one or two for your Electric Skateboard build as they are very cheap at $35 for one shipped to the USA. Ready To Be Shipped, next business day.

$35 Each Shipped To USA - Buy Now

weldedmotormount1 weldedmotormount2 weldedmotormount3 weldedmotormount4 weldedmotormount5 weldedmotormount6 weldedmotormount7 weldedmotormount8 If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and/or send me an email. They will be posted within the store shortly. Good luck!


  • joe mitchell


    Just order some part from you guys think its going to be here today Fast thanks

    do you know of any all steel hangers so i can mig weld a steel mount on the truck

  • James

    Please tell me you still got them?

  • VJ

    I was looking at your product and it caught my eye. I have not started my project but am looking to start buying my parts today. I just wanted to know if this motor would fit. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__18175__Turnigy_Aerodrive_SK3_5055_280kv_Brushless_Outrunner_Motor.html
    Thank You.
    P.S. if the link doesn’t work, its the Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 5055 280kv Brushless Outrunner

  • Randy Vach


    My friend showed me his electric longboard the other day and I was immediately enthused, like a kid in a candy store. I want to build my own, or assemble it rather. He said he got everything he needed for around 100$, not counting the deck. I have two land yachts currently (time machine and the evo), They are both drop down decks, but the time machine looks like it may work since the trucks are mounted on the up slanted part of the board. Will that be possible? If not, I would like to know what the best and cheapest deck would cost me, and would also like it to be below 40" if possible since I will be travelling a lot. I am just getting started and doing some research, while also trying to get as much information as l can.



  • DIYElectricSkateboard.com

    Hi Randy,

    I currently use a 35" board for traveling and it works well. It weighs 13.9 lbs total and is easy to travel with. The time machine may be difficult to work with due to the way the board is shaped it would actually have clearance issues with the motor. You can use a drop through deck but the bottom has to have a slight concave without the big deep pockets like your typical sliding deck. I have mine on a 35" drop through deck currently. The evo also has the pockets so these two boards wouldn’t work well with an electric skateboard. I use a Restless Boards 35" Splinter deck. Personally, I do like the low height of a drop through but I think a kicktail and top mount is a lot easier to move around quickly in rather than a drop through.

    I can help you start to finish with building your board, just send me an email through our contact us page.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

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