What is an Electric Skateboard?

What is an Electric Skateboard? An Electric Skateboard also known as an Electric Longboard is a traditional longboard which has been made into an electric vehicle. What we like to call an eBoard as well... To define an Electric Skateboard - it is a modified longboard propelled by an electric motor which is then usually controlled by a wireless 2.4ghz handheld controller. You will no longer have to kick push your board and can simply ride with ease and just cruise. In other words to make it much simpler. An Electric Skateboard/Longboard uses the same components which you would find in a RC Car. Nowadays, the motors made for RC airplanes are much bigger and can accommodate moving a rider of up to 250 to 300 lbs if not more... You could also build an electric skateboard to go 50 mph or more but then again. Why would you want to do that? That's pretty dangerous don't ya think? By attaching a motor to your electric skateboard - you can then climb hills of up to 10-30% degree hills, reach speeds of up to 50+ miles per hour, use electronic brakes going downhill and much more.

What are you waiting for? Build an Electric Skateboard, Today!

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