Who would use an Electric Skateboard?

The most common people to use Electric Skateboards would be people looking at it for transportation purposes. You can use it to commute to work, ride to a friends house and/or ride around campus to a classroom. There are a few "real longboarders, real skateboarders" who ride and enjoy electric skateboards and electric longboards. But there are a group of them that prefer to kick and push. While it is a different experience and more fun. Usually, the reasons for riding an electric skateboard would be the following:
  • Commute to work or school without sweating.
  • Ability to brake and ride. No more needing to foot brake and/or slide to a stop.
  • A thrilling blast of adventure and fun without having the need to kick.
  • Cover more distance with less effort.
  • Enjoying what new technology has to offer us.
Sooner or later - Electric Skateboards or Electric Longboards will become main stream and everyone will enjoy owning and riding one.

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