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  • What amperage ratings are these and what voltage do they put out?

    These packs have a 60amp Continous / 150amp Peak BMS.
    12S4P = 12S = 44.4v Nominal and 4P equals 12,000mah. Peak voltage is 50.4v.
    Total watt output would be 50.4v * 60amp = 3024 watts continous.
    Peak would be a bit higher.

  • What is your range formula ? I have this pack and is there something I have to change in my VESC tool setting to get that type of range ?

    Our pack is 44.4v 12ah (12,000mah) which is a 532.8 watt hour battery pack using Samsung 30Q 18650 cells. Easy way is total watt hours * .05 - .055 miles = Total range.

    Of course, the more you engage throttle. The more battery power you'll use.

  • What range and top speed would I get with your 12s4p battery and your single 6374 190kv motor. (97mm wheels with your 16/36 ratio pulley kit) I also weigh 190lbs.

    Our 12S4P Electric Skateboard Battery can get about 25-30 miles of range on one charge.

  • Why is the enclosure 4 inches longer than actual battery?

    The additional 4 inches in the enclosure is for the electronics. ESC + Remote Receiver, etc.

  • What connector does the battery come with? XT-60? XT-90?

    Our 12S4P Battery comes with an Discharge XT90 Connector.

  • How many cycles do these packs last? 12S4P Electric Skateboard Battery EPOWER Pack (Samsung 30Q)

    Hi Phil,

    You should be able to get 300-500 life cycles.

    At a loweer end estimate of 300 life cycles * 25 miles per pack = 7,500 miles of riding time before any degradation of cells.
    At 500 life cycles * 25 miles per pack = 12,500 miles.

    If you have any questions, please let us know. Thanks!

  • Does the LED indicator show the exact percentage of what the battery is at?

    Yes, it does show the percentage of the battery.

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