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  • If I order multiple single bolt on motor mount kits is it possible to run 2 of them on a setup

    Yes, you would need two sets of these to run a dual motor setup.

  • What's the smallest wheel you could use with this setup? (Seeing as the wheel mount has a fixed size, this seams like a important number to list)

    We recommend only 80-83mm Longboard Wheels as the smallest option to use. Typically, we recommend 90mm or 97mm Longboard Wheels as they help for rougher streets.

  • will this mount work for a motor with 44mm spaced bolt holes?

    Yes, it uses a 44mm diameter placement for the bolt holes. Uses M4 Bolts.

  • Will this mount work with 100mm wheels?

    Yes, this will work with 100mm wheels.

  • Will the 63mm motor mount kit work for dual 6384 motors?

    Yes, they will fit but you'll need extra long trucks to fit dual 6384 motors.

  • What is the motor shaft diameter required for the motor pulley, 8 or 10mm?

    The motor shaft diameter is 10mm internal but you would use an 8mm inner diameter on your motor pulley.

  • J'ai un moteur 5065, sera-t-il possible de le monter avec ce kit ? Est-ce qu'il existe qu'un seul support moteur qui est capable de monter les moteurs 50YY et 63YY ?


    Our V7 Motor Mounts will only fit our 63mm motors. You can use 6355, 6374, 6380, 63100 motors.

    If you have any questions, please let us know. Thanks!

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