Recommended Electric Skateboard Decks with 25" Wheelbase

What Electric Skateboard Deck Should I Use?

A very common question asked is what type of electric skateboard deck should I use to build my own diy electric skateboard?

Choosing the proper electric skateboard deck really depends on the type of deck or ride that you prefer.

General Guidelines

As far as general guidelines go.. What do we recommend as far as specifications.

If you choose one of our PRO Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits.

For a standard longboard with normal motor mounts. We recommend the following:

  • Our electric skateboard battery packs require about 20" for enclosure plus the electronics.
  • Our normal motor mounts require about 3". This is for a motor mount which is mounted underneath your deck facing towards the center of the deck.
  • I'd also add about 1" to both sides to allow for clearance if your using much larger wheels 97mm diameter wheels or larger.
  • This means, we recommend a 25-26" wheelbase on a stiff and sturdy deck. The reason for a stiff and sturdy deck is to make sure that the battery pack itself doesn't flex as this can ruin or damage the battery pack.

For a downhill deck, dropthrough deck or similar in which you want to mount your motors in reverse (facing outward, not inward).

  • Our electric skateboard battery packs require about 20" for enclosure plus electronics.
  • Add 1" to both sides to allow for clearance for larger electric longboard wheels.
  • Since you aren't mounting an electric skateboard motor mount inward, you would only require a 22" wheelbase.

different types of longboard decks

Typically, longboard decks range from 26" to 44" or more.. The standard sizing is around 30" to 40".

Different styles or shapes of a longboard can offer different benefits and features.

We'll try to explain..


Kicktail Longboard Decks are my personal go to boards.. They are decently sized and offer great maneuverability. 

A kicktail longboard deck can also be a mini cruiser. They range from 26" to 40" sometimes a bit larger but not usually. A kicktail longboard deck will include a tail on the rear end which allows you to pivot on the rear trucks if needed.

Kicktail decks are great for city riding or cruising.

For electric skateboards the best kicktail decks are kicktail decks without a nose. That means the front trucks are as close as possible to the front of the deck. This will ultimately help with minimizing deck size yet providing you with a usable kicktail.

Kicktail decks typically run on the stiffer side and are not as flexy as other decks.

Left to Right..

1. Sector 9 Downhill Division Jimmy Riha Pro Model Longboard Deck (25-28 in Wheelbase)

2. Loaded Cantellated Tesseract Longboard Deck (24.5-26 in Wheelbase)

3. Powell Peralta Byron Essert Frog Longboard Deck (27-28.13 in Wheelbase)

4. Moonshine MFG 2018 Outlaw Longboard Deck (23.5-26 in Wheelbase)


A downhill deck can range from 30" to 40"+ in total longboard deck length.

These decks are typically for people who don't want or need a kicktail. Who want more board space. These are also meant for higher top speeds as they are typically longer and more stable for riding faster.

These type of decks also have more options available such as:

  • Top Mounted - A top mounted deck is the standard mounting for longboard trucks. You typically mount the longboard trucks directly underneath the deck "top mounted".
  • Drop Through - A drop through deck allows you to mount your trucks in between your deck which will give you a lower center of gravity. Typically with these setups, you'd have to mount your motor mount in reverse for it to work. Also, it can have clearance issues all decks are different and all decks might not fit properly.

Other Available Decks with 25" Wheelbase+

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